Good immigration advisor/solicitor for Stage 2 application

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for all the help you have provided me over the years related to my GT visa endorsement and applications.

I submitted my Stage 2 visa application on 19th July (biometrics on 28th July) but I have still not received any official communication/decision from the Home Office related to that. However, in the meantime, my employer (University) did an ECS (Employer Checking Service) to check my eligibility to work in the UK while my visa is under consideration. My University came back to me after doing the ECS check saying that the Home Office has mentioned to the University that my application is “subsequently rejected”.

I am freaking out as my current UK visa is about to expire on 24th August and yet I have not officially received any decision (reject/accept) from Home Office about my GT Stage 2 visa application. So, I am not sure what to do next.

Do you know any immigration advisor/solicitor in the UK, who could help me with my Stage 2 visa application?

I look forward to your kind reply on this.

@Maya and @Francisca_Chiedu Is there any possibility you could help, please, if you know anyone?

If I were you - I would definitely going to call the Home Office up first thing tomorrow to clarify.

@NNN Thank you for your reply. I called the UKVI help line number about this. They have advised me to get an immigration advisor to help me with it. They (UKVI help line) couldn’t help much.

Got it. Sorry to hear that - I do not have any info on that front. All the best - I hope someone can answer you soon!

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@somdipdey if you did not hear from home office yet? how was the university informed? were you sponsored by them ?

secondly your rights to live and work in the UK extend until you get the decision on your visa. most importantly you apply before it gets expired which you did already.

did you receive your endorsement ?

also you can refer to this link to check your work status.

@NNN Thank you. :slight_smile:

@Maya Thank you for your reply.

I am currently on my Tier 4 student visa sponsored by the University where I also work as a Lecturer (20 hours per week). My Tier 4 student visa is about to expire on 24th and since my current contract as a Lecturer still doesn’t end, the University needed to do ECS (Employer Checking Service) to check my eligibility to work as I completed my GT Stage 2 application on 19th July (biometrics submitted on 28th July). When the University did the ECS check with Home Office, they informed the University that “An application for leave in the UK has been submitted by this person but it has subsequently been rejected”. That’s why my employer (University) told me about it.

Anyhow, I have not heard back from Home Office nor I got any official decision on my GT Stage 2 visa application via email or post yet.

I got my endorsement as “Exceptional Talent” on 18th July with which I applied for the Stage 2 GT application on 19th July.

Since, I haven’t got an official decision from Home Office about my GT Stage 2 application but yet my employer (University) has been informed that my application for leave has been rejected" I don’t know what to do.

University has asked me if I can make a new application but since I haven’t heard back from my current application, so, I don’t know whether that is a right move or not and I am freaking out as well.

if you do a new application, your existing application which you didnt receive a decision yet will be withdrawn. you cant have 2 application leave to remain at the same time

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@Maya Exactly. That’s why I don’t know what to do and moreover, why, if it is true, that my current GT Stage 2 application is rejected. If I apply again, the details on my application will not change this new time on the new application so, might get rejected again. Hence, not sure the best next step to take.

I have even emailed my local MP about this issue to get him to ask Home Office about my visa application situation explaining what has happened.

@Maya Related to the rights to work I checked the link “” using my Tier 4 student visa BRP and it is saying that I can work till 24th August as already mentioned on my BRP. This does not specify whether I can continue to work after that as I have applied for the GT Stage 2 visa.

You can contact Fragomen, they are Tech Nation’s legal partner.
See link below for grounds for refusal, this may give you an idea…

I’m just curious on why you were rejected. When applying for stage 2, the Home Office does say that you should include a letter from your sponsor (university in this case) for permission to apply for the visa. So why would they reject the application? Have you gotten feedback from the Home Office yet?

You can also contact the Home Office to inquire about your existing application.

i dont know if i get this right. but for global talent theres no sponsor requirement as he is endorsed by technation already.

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Yes, but if you are currently sponsored by an organization in the UK, i.e University then you would need a letter requesting their permission to apply for the visa.

@chiamaka_okenwa May I ask where is this rule stated? This would mean all of us who are switching visa from tier 2 & 4, would need a letter of permission from our employer or university? :sweat_smile::scream:

Ohh maybe it’s because I was on a scholarship thats why

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this information is not current, you don’t need a letter from your university to switch.

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It must be stressful - I hope your case works out soon Somdipdey. Let us know how it goes with Fragomen :crossed_fingers: :muscle: