Exceptional Talent or Promise, where do I fit?

Hi everyone,

I have put together evidences for my application. I am just a bit confused or rather trying to be very careful to not sell myself too short or too much. Here is a link to a summary my curated evidence and highlighted points https://docs.google.com/document/d/15uWqYC8qoktiQq5M9wVliII6nPhL864bazSgfjA0tLc/edit?usp=sharing

I will appreciate some advice as well as recommendations.


Your recommendation letters is not same as the mandatory criterion. What is your evidence of leadership?
I can’t advice you on whether you are talent or promise but what you have listed doesn’t suggest that you are a recognised leader. How have you shown that you have sustained national or international recognition? Does you expertise suggest that you are at the forefront of your field in the digital technology sector?

Lastly, I am not sure your first recommender has a strong profile, he is more of consultant. Importantly your recommender need to state why you are exceptional, your impact in the sector and how you will contribute to the UK.

All the best.

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Hi Charles,

Concerning your confusion. It’s advisable you apply for the promise (since Tech Nation owns the right and discretion to admit you as a talent if they think you are worthy).

Although you need to critically look through the brochure again so that you can take care of the key things mentioned by @Francisca_Chiedu.

I actually do think you’d succeed with your application if well arranged.


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Hey Francisca,

Thank you for your feedback. You make really good points. I do not think I have enough evidence in terms of recognition to show this. So I have decided I would apply for Talent instead.

I have also updated the recommender you highlighted to someone else as well as rearranged my documents. Please let me know your thoughts on my recent changes

Thank you

Hey man,

Thank you for the advice. I agree. I have chosen to apply to exceptional promise.

I have also rearranged my documents. Please let me know your thoughts on my recent changes

I think the updated version looks quite strong.

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Hi , for this MC evidence , I squeezed all the related evidence it into a single document.

should I keep it as a 1 single document in MC evidence?
or should I split it into 3 documents? , like

  1. Project Details & news links on PROJECT A
  2. Salary Appraisal letter & screenshots of web application on PROJECT A
  3. Reference letter from the director of software engineering from client-side on PROJECT A

so that I can add the remaining 7 evidence documents from optional criterias, please advice on this.

I do have a general doubt on number of evidence, from 10 evidence, should 10 evidence document point out 10 different project/work/contribution, or single work can be expanded to 2 or more evidence .

Maybe you are using the wrong link

I think you should follow Tech Nation Guide. You can submit up to 10 evidence, spread the evidence based on the eligibility criteria you think you your strength may 4:3:3.

I don’t know aht you mean by squeezing all related evidence into a single document. I would suggest you look at the list of evidence suggest in the tech nation guide and use that as a guide. For instance mandatory criteria could be evidence of speaking at a conference, you can put the pictures, link to the video, invitation letter or reference letter into a single evidence. Salary evidence is a single piece of evidence mostly likely your employment contract may be more than three pages, present the relevant part. Also add explanatory notes as some evidence may not be so clear to the assessor.

Thanks a lot for your reply. I really appreciate that.

To add your response, I have asked this same question in the forum https://discourse.tnvisaforum.org/t/can-any-buddy-evaluate-my-mandatory-criteria-evidence/2635

Please check my attached document above link, I made this single document for an MC, as per your reply, I can keep it like this right?

  1. MC Project Details & news links on PROJECT A
  2. MC Salary Appraisal letter & screenshots of web application on PROJECT A
  3. MC Reference letter from the director of software engineering from the client-side on PROJECT A

The reason I am asking, I do have more work to showcase, that’s why I am confused a lot , should I keep all the relevant evidence in a single 3 pager document so that I can get to add 9 more documents like this ( 9 difference project/work/open source contribution) ?