Exceptional Talent: Can I apply?

Hi guys, please help me out. I just got introduced to this platform and I am still doing some researches but I have the following:

  1. I have over 6 years+ of experience in Fintech (90% of my entire career) as a tech lead (2 years) and as a senior software engineer (4 years+).
  2. Letter of recommendation can be gotten from my current and previous CEOs (will this count?)
  3. Developed and implemented solutions for commercial banks in Nigeria and their subsidiaries in Africa
  4. 50 Stackoverflow reputation with ~70k reach
  5. Contributed to open source (several unpopular projects 🥲)
  6. Some of my projects can be found on playstore and appstore
  7. I have a youtube channel for programming videos
  8. I have Google Africa scholarship certificate and some other cybersecurity certifications including Data, Azure and Google cloud certifications
  9. I don’t know what else can help… please help me out

Please, @Francisca_Chiedu and all, what do you think?

what are you applying as, exceptional talent or exceptional promise? read through the Tech Nation guide and list the evidence you have to meet the mandatory and optional criteria, that way it is easier to comment or give a feedback. Generally, I think you are a typical applicant but I can’t tell based on the scanty details you have given. spend some time to read the Tech Nation guide, and also go through this forum to see how others have shared their supporting documents.

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I am planning to apply as Exceptional Talent…

OK. Read the guide and see if you have the evidence listed in the mandatory criteria. Your list also doesn’t suggest which two optional criteria match your experience.

@airscholar You can find several examples on this forum of how people arrange their evidence against criteria. It will help you get more valuable feedback from @Francisca_Chiedu and others in the community.

Below are a couple of examples but you can search for more. Best of luck!