Endorsement rejection because my startup's open-source project didn't have enough traction

Hi all,

I got rejected for endorsement because my startup’s open-source application did not have enough reviews on apple store. However, since it is an open-source app, it has more than 70 Github stars and more than 160 reddit upvotes with more than 10 constructive comments. I am planning to ask an Endorsement Review.

Did anyone present their open source project with around 100 github stars and got endorsed?

Btw, I’ve more than decade of experience in senior engineering roles and I’m a stakeholder in a successful company with around 100M$ estimate evaluation. I work for a US company with high salary but my open source project did not meet the criteria for GT.

For open source, you will need coleberators or some organisations which used your application to build some of their applications and those applications are infact commercially successful which then implies the commercial impact of your work which in result will bring your open source within GT scope.

It seems that you are mixing two things. TN will only evaluate based on what evidence you present and which criteria you select. If you are using an Open Source project as your evidence, then as @Mukesh_Adhvaryu mentions, you have to show some evidence of its impact.

However, if you want to present evidence as “experience in senior engineering roles and I’m a stakeholder in a successful company with around 100M$ estimate evaluation. I work for a US company with high salary”, then your Open Source project perhaps should not be the centre of your application. Can’t you present evidence around this criteria?

I applied with a similar profile as you - “experienced in senior engineering role and stakeholders in businesses” (and my businesses weren’t even 100M valuation) and still I got my endorsement. My evidence was solely focussed on that aspect of my career only, however.


Hi Shreeniwas,
Can you share more details on your application or guide me to the alumini’s who have made it.

I wrote it as a post, so I can refer to it in future - My TechNation Application - September 2020 - let me know if that helps

Thanks Shreeniwas and Mukesh,

I added my startup as mandatory and experience + salary to optional criteria. I think this was a mistake by me assuming adding the startup would get a positive result. Now, I am blaming myself for not doing the other way.

Btw, I also mentioned that as my long term plan, I would move my startup to UK but that was also not much welcomed since it was evaluated as a wish rather than a plan.

I have changed the center of evidences around my experience and contribution to the company I worked for 8 years.

Can you please review my plan of evidences for MC, OC1 and OC3? Link to my profile Please rate my profile for Stage 1

Hi All,

Can any buddy suggest my ph.d Journal publication will fulfill below Mandatory criteria

  • Published material in professional or major trade publications or major media about the applicant related to the applicant’s work in the digital technology sector. You must include the title, date and evidence that you are the author of such published material and any necessary translation."