Endorsement Received After Submitting An Appeal

Hello everyone :wave:
I would like to share my experience. I am writing this for 3 reasons:

  1. To appreciate everyone who create topics and provide answers to questions on this forum. You all are heroes
  2. To encourage anyone whose application was rejected and show them that it’s not the end
  3. This post may be the difference between rejection and acceptance for one or more individuals.

For better context, refer to my first post here, Kindly Rate My Profile


  1. Submitted application - August 12, 2022
  2. Application was forwarded to Tech Nation by the Home Office on August 16, 2022
  3. Received rejection mail on September 23, 2022

After the rejection mail, I was sad and so disappointed. I quietly exited most of the life in the UK groups I joined and started making other plans. In all of these, I took note of the appeal window(applicants can submit an appeal for review within 28 calendar days of the date on the rejection mail/letter).

In the rejection letter, I was told that I fulfilled just one of the 2 optional criteria (i.e. I did not meet the mandatory criterion and the second optional criterion). Now, this is heartbreaking as there’s no motivation to write an appeal. There’s more enthusiasm to write an appeal if you meet 2 criteria but I met just 1.

Three days before the close of my appeal window(25 days after I received the rejection mail), I decided to submit an appeal. I was not positive about the appeal but I decided to still submit it as there was no harm and everyone is allowed to submit an appeal.

Submitting An Appeal
I read the reasons stated for my rejection many times, proceeded to the Tech Nation website and studied everything concerning the criteria I did not meet.

When submitting an appeal, try and imagine that you are in a law court presenting your case before a judge. While you may have enough evidence, you must convince the judge that your evidence satisfies the requirements listed in the constitution (the Tech Nation constitution is basically all that’s on the website). I appealed the 2 decisions mentioned for rejection using this framework.

- quoted a requirement on the Tech Nation website
- showed how two or more of the evidence I submitted met the requirement
- showed how the recommendation letters I submitted met the requirement
- convinced them to review the documents again

I submitted the appeal form on October 19, 2022, and received the endorsement mail/letter on November 7, 2022.

Thanks to @Francisca_Chiedu and everyone who contributes to this forum. On to stage 2


Congratulations to you.

congratulations. I am happy you gave it a shot. Never give up!


Congratulations @oluwabig

Heartiest congratulations @oluwabig on this turn-around from reject to endorsement. This is a great motivator to apply for first time & then to appeal if rejected [provided there’s merit]. Good luck on the next stage!

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@oluwabig Congratulations, I received similar rejection (i.e. I did not meet the mandatory criterion and the third optional criterion).

I am in the process of rejection appeal, There are multiple boxes in the review form with word limit of 200 words(One box - Assessor feedback and other response box), The highlighted statement confusing me, Assessor provided multiple feedback for one criteria, Can I split the assessor feedback in multiple boxes and provide relevant response or I have to concise response in single box.