eCommerce Profile under Digital Business category

Hi All,

I am from India and residing in UK since August 22 on Skilled worker visa issued by my current employer. I work as the Head of eCommerce for a company that sells products digitally in the EU5 on Amazon, eBay and D2C.

I want to switch to a VISA for Global Talent so I can explore more opportunities.

Do eCommerce business positions (Amazon, eBay, and D2C) fall under the category of business skills? If so, can anyone here help me determine that?

Thanks in Advance.


Yes e-commerce business positions are eligible but you need to show evidence that you meet the criteria.

Thanks Francisca,

Can you suggest what will be appropriate evidences for eCommerce Business ?


Have you read the tech Nation guide. There are examples of evidence there. Then build yours baaes on your work.

Yes, I did.

Broadly it talks about more on core tech profiles and nothing much related to business roles in digital commerce.

Since the businesses are typically built on platforms like Shopify, Amazon or eBay it is not clear how one can produce evdience out if it.

The examples are not specifically for technical applicant. Read further and you will find examples of evidence required for each criteria.

Fellow PM here
Congratulations on your endorsement
I would appreciate if you can give my evidence overview a review since you’re a PM as well and have PM context

Hi All,

I submitted my application on GovUK then on tech nation site. Howsoever, I recevied following message at the end of fee payment, shall i send all documents to this email ?

Send your checklist and documents by email to:

The subject line of the email must include the applicant’s:

  • unique application number (UAN) - this is 16 numbers starting with 1212
  • name
  • date of birth
  • Endorsing Body’s name - this is the Endorsing Body you are applying to


This is not applicable for digital technology applicants


So my Stage1 got rejected (brutally)!

I applied -
sector- eCommerce & Marketplace
Specialist Skill - Business Development (inc.sales, partnership, growth hacking etc.)

“Evidence of the work is largely self authored and lacks third party verification.”
“Not speaking at high profile industry events”

My take -
I am not authorized to share sales figures, profit and loss statements, or any other commercial information for the companies I work for or have worked for in the past. I will never do so. It might get me into legal problems.

As my role is sales/business development how could I proove Innovation ?

Speaking at events :slight_smile: It is entirely up to me whether or not to take part in live or virtual conferences on digital marketing or commerce. We are all aware of the importance and relevance of these events because the majority of them are planned by PR firms or event companies.

It seemed to me that the eCommerce → Sales slection is fairly generic, and Tech Nation shouldn’t compare technical and non-technical profiles equally.

Anyways, I’ll appeal but again I have no idea what shall I write in these 2.1/2/3/4 options ? Can anyone guide me pls.

Atlast, I applied myself. My recommendation to Tech Nation why not put up a list of authorized agents who can help in this ?


You said you work for Amazon, they allowed that! I wonder :slight_smile:

Anyways for me its time to apply for appeal now, so cant add any new evidence.

I am in U.K. on Skilled worker, so for now I’ll enjoy this status till this sinks in.

Hey Ajit!

I came your post and I am on a similar boat as you. Difference is that i dont work for an ecommerce company but have my own. You think is enough i provide sales figures from my company? Did you appeal if then what happened , would love to know

Hello Fiza
I filed an appeal even though I knew it would be denied

In my case, despite having 13 years of experience in eCommerce sales at prestigious international product firms, I was denied since none of the businesses I worked for were or are internet companies.
I refer to a tech company as an app, fintech, IT, eCom, etc. Don’t waste time or money if you don’t have significant experience working for any of the aforementioned organizations.

Regretfully, the advice to “read Tech Nation Guide” is often given, however each application is different and the advice is general. You should also not rely on any YouTube videos on this subject because all of the Yloggers who are making these videos are just trying to get views and are not immigration solicitors; instead, they are creatig further confusion.

If you search for “tech nation visa” on Google, you’ll come across results from freelancers and immigration agents who say they can help you with this. None of them have direct authorization from Tech Nation. Instead, make connections with Linkedin users who already possess this visa; they will be the most qualified to offer you advice. Luckily, I connected with someone on Linkedin, and after looking over my case, she kindly advised me to continue with my skilled worker visa without wasting any more time.


Thank you. I also realised that having experience in selling or developing ‘digital products’ such as apps, Fintech etc. is the main thing. So I decided not to apply at the moment. I will apply once or if I am able to launch an app.