Please, review evidences so far for Promise- Product Manager


Hi everyone,

I’ve spent the last couple of hours reading through this forum and it’s been so encouraging to see how helpful and supportive this platform has been for people trying to apply/re-apply for the Global Talent Visa.

I started gathering my evidences last year but had to hold on due to some personal reasons but I’m ready to move forward now and I would like an initial review of my evidences for MC, OC1 and OC3.

Please, all critism is welcome. I would appreciate any feedback (re-arranging, replacing, removing etc)

Profile: Computer Science graduate, digital marketing, transitioned to biz dev/analysis (2 years) then transitioned to Product Management at 2 different organisations, built several products but mostly fintech that powers credit to SMEs in the FMCG space, payment processing for stores and airline bookings (3 years)

MC (show I have been recognised as having potential to be a leading talent in the digital technology field in the last 5 years)

Evidence 1: Dashboard screenshots of growth metrics of product A since launch + news clippings of money raised particularly for company since I joined + stories I created showing influence on product growth
Evidence 2: Letter from Head of Operations at my current company speaking to above
Evidence 3: Public Profile + Proof that I lead 3 different product teams (organogram perhaps ?) + Proof of High Salary document highlighting historical earnings and growth including bonuses, appraisals
Evidence 4: Promotion Letter to Lead Product Manager signed by Head of Product/Strategy
Potential Evidence 1: Spoke at a church backed event (not paid) for young people trying to get into tech (I was one of two key speakers, 100+ people, can provide video/banner and letter of reference from organiser
Potential Evidence 2: Engaged by my former employer after I had left for a Mentorship program (not paid) aimed to help potential/early product managers find their feet and navigate the new role, had mentorship sessions with them once a week where we would dive into case studies and go over any questions (can provide letter of reference, emails showing interactions and questions covered in sessions)

Please note: For the potential evidences, I want to know if they’re strong enough, if I already have enough for MC, and should move them elsewhere like maybe an OC.

OC 1 (innovation as a founder of a product led digital technology company or as an employee working on a new digital field or concept)

Evidence 1: Product B - Concept doc/process docs + Website screenshot + financial data from console + New clippings for money raised for product B (not company) + stories/tasks created/managed by me to show my involvement
Evidence 2: Audited accounts, projections for current financial year
Evidence 3: Product B dashboard screenshots showing date range, and other analytics + doc with table info: Region and distribution by rank, (Regions + Number of customers + Value of transactions) + news clipping referencing product numbers, partnership, growth etc

OC 3 (I have made significant technical, commercial or entrepreneurial contributions to the field as a founder or employee of a product-led digital technology company)

Evidence 1: Employment contract + earnings history
Evidence 2: Dashboard screenshots showing Product B metrics in terms of user numbers, revenue, app downloads, MOM growth, customer satisfaction rate, turnover etc
Evidence 3: Letter from CEO of current company corroborating above

@Francisca_Chiedu @alexnk
Please, help review, it would be greatly appreciated

@Yusuf_Adebanjo @deepak
Please, I would love if you could take look and let me know what you think

Here are my comments:


  • #2: Are you able to squeeze #2 into #1? to create more space?
  • #3: Org chart from system generated image will be great (ie: MS team org chart). Proof of high salary (plus bonus) will require an industry benchmark to show that you are 90% on the top, for instance.
  • #4: Promotion letter is not quite strong
  • Po Evd#1: This can be tricky as “church backed even” is not a popular or a high profile digi-tech event.

OC1: You are about to show a lot of financial and analytic data here, which are not required. OC1 requires you to show that you have worked in any “INNOVATIVE” product / project in digital tech. Add that evidence to show that you are involved in the project as a leader, consultant, executor, or any role.

  • Do you have 1 product as innovative? You many need more evidence, if you are going under “exceptional talent” route.


  • OC3.1: It does not show any of your impact to your contribution. It just proved that worked there. You may also merge this into a relevant MC evidence earlier too.
  • OC3.2: Good. Add some stories and evidence that tie your stories and your data together as well. Show your ownership and responsibility which cause the impact of your business improvement. If this is very strong, perhaps you can break them into multiple evidence also.
  • OC3.3: this will just support the OC3.2 only.

All in all,
I think you will still need more evidence to close the many tiny gaps here. But yes, you should still have a good chance to move forward.

Other Suggestions:

  • #4, the Potential Evd1 and potential Evd2 are not quite strong all together. If you want to add them too, just in case, you can try to squeeze them into 1 evidence. Otherwise, “Potential evd1 and Potential Evd2” can be a really small area in your CV.
  • Are there any product A to present in OC1 or OC3 at all?
    -Dont forget that, If you have more than 5 years of experience in the digital technology sector, you will have to be careful to ensure that you have 2-3 strong evidence on each criterion to be able to influence the assessor.

I hope this helps. @Yemi_Best

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Alex has responded to your questions. Just to add that you need to present your evidence such that you are proving you are recognised as a leader, your have contributed to innovation and made impact. Whilst you have examples of some evidence stated in the guide, you still don’t have external or industry recognition or your work, all your evidence seem to be centred around your immediate employment. Regarding the news clipping, was your name mentioned in the publication?

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Hi @alexnk
Thanks for reviewing and responding
I actually have it mind to put in for the “promise” route or do you think I should be doing for “talent/leader”?

Concerning your points

  • I can try to squeeze #2 into #1
  • The org chart
  • I can show proof of work (docs,stories etc)
  • I have a proof of high income doc which shows my earnings history compared to industry bench mark. I have the figures in both my local currency rate and GBP.
    -Regarding the PE’s, I’ll look for something stronger but I can just add the PE’s to my CV


  • I do have an innovative product I built and still manage as the product manager for the product.I can show product/feature documentations I wrote and shortcut stories to prove it. I can show testimonials from it’s users. We were also able to raise money for this particular product earlier this year and news clippings to support it.
  • I saw in the guide that “Audited accounts, projections for current financial year” could be used as proof for this criteria which is why I opted to add it here.
  • I saw in the guide that I could show proof of domestic/international sales and customer numbers in each area of operation. I have dashboard/analytics to show this for product B.
  • Reference Letter from Head of Growth.

OC3 - I think I can restructure it to be:

  • The dashboard/analytics focusing on commercial impact i.e revenue,profit etc for Product B
  • The dashboard/analytics focusing on commercial impact i.e revenue,profit etc for Product C
  • Dashboard Analytics for overall commercial growth of the company since I joined
  • Reference Letter from CEO

Please, let me know what you think

@Francisca_Chiedu does this update work?

Hi @Francisca_Chiedu
Thanks for reviewing and responding
I was actually thinking of putting in for Promise, not Leader

  • I unfortunately don’t have much in the way of industry recongition, I didn’t think this was a big deal for promise as I had heard of people who applied for promise without any awards/speaking or mentorship experiences in their application especially if not going for OC2. Has this changed?
    The speaking and mentorship I do have, I’ve been told aren’t strong enough.

  • My evidence is centered around my immediate employment as my previous employments I feel aren’t technical enough (Digital Marketing/Business Development) and I don’t have access to the analytics. I think the choice to stick to my Product Management experiences (the last 3 years) is me putting my best foot forward.

  • As for the news clipping, it just has my company name not mine specifically but group pictures with myself included.

Also, I have an updated plan in my response to @alexnk
Please, let me know what you think

Once again, I appreciate any feedback received

Hi @Dee_E
Please, do you mind taking a look here and letting me know what you think?
It would be greatly appreciated

@Yemi_Best if you have more than 5 years of experience in Digital Tech sector, you will automatically grade for “exceptional talent” which requires you have more strong evidence on each criterion.

OC1: You will need to mostly show that you have worked in the INNOVATIVE product. You will need to demonstrate that they are new idea to the market. It can be an early stage of the product.
The audited accounts, and proof of sale are just small supporting evidence to backup your INNOVATION.
Customer reviews do not have much value to this.


Thanks for the feedback @alexnk
What do you think of my new arrangement though?

Hello Yemi,

Alex and Francisca have really pointed the important things you need to take note of.

You did a very good job by mentioning the impact of what you do. Inaddition, please don’t forget to make it easily for reviewers to know the criteria each evidence document is satisfying by putting bolded tittles in each document. E.g How does my work show that I am Innovative? Then answer the question and put screenshots of the innovation.

Teaching in church: Endeavour to show that it’s a structured mentoring, teaching and learning volunteering work and you must must be the manager of the programme. Furthermore, please talk a little bit about the church to show that they are eligible to be used in this situation as not all organisations can be used to satisfy this criteria.

I wish you success.

Thanks a lot @Nacsoft
So just to be clear
OC3 is good
but my MC and OC1 need more work? - Even with my proposed adjustments???