Does "Last Edit" pattern matters?

Hi everyone,

I have noticed that people are crazy about “Last Edit” after they submit their application. So far from the data and edits posted in this forum it seems it does not matter however I found a common thing in edit pattern who endorsed.

If second and third edits are within 1 or 2 days gap they most likely get endorsement

Has anyone noticed other pattern? This is just for curiosity… I believe this theory is not accountable for any outcome

In some cases there are no edits, see reference ( Finally, it is the day. [Endorsed] - Stage 1 - UK Tech Nation Visa Forum (

The rule of thumb that I have observed is once there’s an update after 7 days of applying there’s an higher chance of getting endorsed, just my own observation


Some people got rejection with pattern too

I think it’s just updates made on application. Predicting decision on edit pattern does not make sense…

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