Dependents visa for endorsed Global talent

So I’ve got endorsed and moved to stage 2 (yey!).

Now I finished my application for stage 2 and now my wife applies as a dependant. Do we need to wait for my visa to be ready in order for her to apply? Because as you can see in the screenshot, on the last step it asks for my visa expiry date:

Hey vzaidman,

Did you receive the answer on this ? What did you do in the end ?
I’m also in similar situation


Don’t see this as a recommendation because I’m not representing the Home Office or anybody else, this is just what I did and also because I still didn’t get my visa approved. We applied for stage 2 a few weeks ago. What I personally did was to write an estimated date there (+5 years to our planned arrival date). I hope I didn’t do anything stupid. My problem was that contacting Home Office didn’t really help.

I would write some estimated date in accordance with the length which applied for. Then I would include a letter explaining why I did it. I did it because I had to write a date there or my application won’t get completed so… See problem with this online forms are that they are very rigid. Fields in these forms are having validations which do not cater for special circumstances or even frequently occured scenarios simply because programmers were not informed possible cases or they overlooked possibilities.

I saw this on the guidelines:

Relationship requirements for a dependent partner on the Global Talent route

  1. GT 19.1. The applicant must be the partner of a person § and one of the following must apply:
  2. (a) P has permission on the Global Talent route; or
  3. (b) P is, at the same time, applying for (and is granted) permission on the Global Talent route; or

Here’s the source:

This should mean that the applications CAN be simultaneous. We should be fine I guess. I also applied simultaneously and entered a tentative +5 years date on expiration. Fingers crossed

Ok I got the Visa! Step 2 is complete!!! Yey!

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By the way, our visa is indeed exactly from the date we wrote we intend to come to the UK plus 5 years, so we wrote the correct date in the NHS form.

@vzaidman Dear Vzaidman, many congratulations. I heard that now a days due to pandemic situation, the validity of vignette is 90 days rather than 30 days. Is it true? What is the validity of your vignette?


mine is for 90 days. yes.

@vzaidman Many thanks for reply. Congratulations!

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@vzaidman How long does it take from submitting your biometrics to getting your visa?

As far as I remember, it took around a month

@vzaidman Wahoooh thanks. I was following the 3 weeks mentioned on Tech Nation website. Did you show any funds for your dependant?

I don’t really remember regarding the funds. I think not.

@vzaidman Thank you very much.

Does anyone know how long global talent dependents visa takes? I submitted my visa application with my family’s and I received my about 3 weeks later. However, I am yet to receive my family’s. I got emails saying they would be processed within 60 working days. It is a few days pass the 60 days mark.

That is surprising @Kehinde

this is the fist case i am hearing of where if applied together, dependent’s visa is taking so much time.

I was surprised as well because I thought that applications submitted together would be processed in the same time as mine. I had to send an email and a response came saying they were still awaiting decision. Furthermore, the cases have been escalated and I should be contacted shortly. Has there been any case where dependents are refused visas? I’m especially concerned because of my children.

Are you applying from UK or outside? I have done my stage2 biometrics yesterday and surprisingly got an email for only one of my daughter (dependent) stating that this application is not straightforward and will take more time. Has anyone experienced this and have received such communication for only one of the dependent.

@Kehinde Hi there, congratulations. My wife’s visa came back within a month even with the request for additional documents. If I may ask, did you submit outside of the UK?