Applying for TN Visa with a PhD offer

Hi all,

Has anyone gone through the process of applying for a tech nation visa with the intent of starting a PhD? If so, did you reference your PhD offer in your TN visa application? I would love to learn more about your experience.


Hi Frank,
Have you heard back on your endorsement? And did you mention the PhD offer in your application?

Hi Pratik,

Yes, I’ve gotten endorsed for my stage 1. Given my work experience, I found it more concise to write about my work, so I did not mention my PhD offer.

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Thanks, Frank for your reply and congratulations on your endorsement :tada:

Would you be able to share in your other post ([EXCEPTIONAL PROMISE] 10 Pieces of evidence placement suggestions) what evidence did you finally submit for your successful application? I (and others who are in a similar situation) would really appreciate that. Thanks again :grinning:

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Thanks, Pratik.

I was going to update that post and thank everyone on the threads once I receive my BRP card :slight_smile: