About to submit - Software Engineer (Promise)

Hi all, Please I am about to submit my application and I would like you to review it for me. Thank you for your time

Doc1: Led the growth of an Edtech company with which I am currently a Lead full-stack software engineer. The product was launched in 2021. I used STAR approach to explain about the Edtech product and its mission before adding all my 3-page evidence. Evidence added are:
(i) product dashboard showing number (50k+) of registered students/children + Monthly (400+) new users in this month (feb 2023) (ii) screenshot on github showing my contributions with codes written. The repo is private, so I only showed 3 screenshots.My name and username are clearly shown. (iii) scrrenshot of email notification from the board members and CTO (iv) Weekly technical meeting showing updates of previous task/bug fixed from the CTO (email snapshot)

Doc2 (New clipping Pt1): The Edtech was featured on several media. Evidence added are
(i) Opera news (snapshot showing the headline along with the body of the press release, date released (Jun 2022) and link from similarweb to show the total number of visits on the website (ii) Nairaland, date published Sep 2022 (iii) Benzinga, Jan 2023 (iv) Newswire (my name was mentioned as a lead software engineer). All the media show the statics and all

Doc3 (New clipping Pt2): Ap News, Market Watch, Digital Journal and google index link showing the media coverage

Doc4: 3-page reference letter from the CTO to support the evidence provided.

Doc5 (Substantial open source): Outside of my normal day-to-day job role, I was part of a significant contributor to a substantial open-source project. Evidence added are:
5a(i) The open source I contributed to in Sept 2022, the repository has over 47.5k stars, 940 watching and 10k forks with over 350 contributors.
(ii) screenshot of the email when my contribution was merged. (iii) Github public link to verify the merge + Twitter link by the creator of the open source with over 1k+ likes and comments from software developers showing how helpful it is.

5b Another open source I contributed to in March 2022 and June 2022. It’s an open-source library of over 450+ UI components, sections, and pages built with the utility classes from Tailwind CSS and designed in Figma. (i) screenshot of the email when my contribution was merged (ii) github and npmjs package link showing over 2 million downloads + over 91k weekly downloads. The open source was featured on Dev, YCombinator, reddit, Product Hunt

Doc 6 (Award Recognition & Employment Letter (showing high salary inside) for the company I led in Doc1): in Sept 2018, I received an Outstanding Achievement Award in recognition of my performance in 2018 academic session as Software Director. Evidence added
(i) I took the plague picture and added it as my evidence. No media or link to show for that
(ii) Employement letter for Doc1 and 1 month payslip (no space again) for another company I worked remotely with in US (an health care based system as software engineer)

Doc7 (open source): I created an open source (learning system) in 2020 and its being used by one of the edtech start up in Nigeria. The startup using it has over 100k+ users. Evidence added are:
(i) github link to the repo showing and screenshot showing my name and commits history (ii) I added a startup with over 100K users using it (iii) I request a reference letter from the CEO to support the evidence since it’s not written on their website that they use my open source in their system. (iv) email from another Prof in Egypt who reached out to me in other to assist him in integrating the opensource (v) link and screenshot of evoting system I created with a badge (arctic code vault contributor) in 2020

Doc 8 (Open Source): (i) public link to Github showing active participation and total contributions of over 1k+
(ii) screenshot of Github statistic showing over 150+ stars earned and other metrics. (iii) screenshot of 2 github badge earned (iv) Screenshot highlighting a Pro badge & * being part of Developer Program Member on my account. (v) link to StackOverflow (10 months old account) showing over 1k reputation with over 3k impressions

PS: I have another platform where I am a contributor with over 1k reputation but I am not including it as no space again, I guess I have shown enough proof for open source

Doc9 (Mentorship): I taught and mentored over 512 students on how to position themselves for career development in the digital sector. I also joined Google Developers Group (GDG) as a co-organiser with focus on organizing tech events in 2018.
(i) certificate from the government body (ii) GDG picture speaking on stage and people doing registration in Dec 2018 with over 400 people attendees but unfortunately a lot of pictures were shared in google drive closed group and couldn’t find a public link. (iii) I also added a FB group link where I am admin and I have been mentoring since 2019. The group has over 1k members across different region. screenshot of people in the group acknowledging my effort and how some got their job as software developer. (iv) I joined (GDG) Newcastle – Northeast in 2021 where I became a member in 2021. I added image screenshot where the group needed an organiser and decided to volunteer.

Doc10 (My impact for a product I led in Doc1): evidence added are:
(i) product dashboard showing number (50k+) of registered students/children + Monthly (400+) new users in this month (feb 2023) (ii) screenshot on github showing my contributions with codes written.
(iii) revenue raised and generated from the product (iv) google analytics for the product

MC: Doc (1,2,3,4,5,6)
OC2: Doc (5,7,8)
OC3: Doc (4,6,10)

2 reference letter: A CTO from the current company who is also a senior engineer at Apple and a CEO from a startup Edtech

3 LOR from a well-known individual. They are all CEO (1 from top fintech and 2 from top Edtech). I have not worked with them directly before but they know my work. Could that be an issue because I have not worked with them?
Personal statement: the particular question, where would you stay in the UK. I am currently in the UK, Newcastle, to be precise and I prefer it here as the Newcastle tech ecosystem is fast growing where I am also planning to launch my startup in Agtech focusing in Nort-east region in coming months. I have seen that a lot of people chose London and Machester. Would going for Newcastle hinder my application, or should I choose Machester since it’s in the North?

I have other documents, but I think it’s not worth it, so I did not bother to add them. Your advice is needed please.
Certificates: (i) Mckinsey foundation, 2022 (ii) Amazon web service (iii) PHP advanced level by skill value, pentagon (iv) Big data, IBM 2016 certified 2019 (v) Msc in Advanced computer Science, 2022

Award: I received an award, MSc in Advanced Computer Science.2022

I also have doubt in my Doc9 (Mentorship since no public link), should I remove it?

Thank you all for your time

@alexnk, @Francisca_Chiedu, @ask4jubad, @May, @others please.

While I see a suitable EP submission, I am only skeptical about how some of the contributions and recognitions are pretty recent e.g. StackOverflow, and Media publications

But overall, a good submission package.

All the best

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Is there any constraints that media publication should be older than X time but not more than 5 years?

@alex_james I hope you will get endorsed this time… As per my view it seems good profile. Other experts can share better insight as I am not expert

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There’s none, just referring to TN’s mention of providing evidence that is seemed to have been synthesized solely for the endorsement application.

Like you said, it’s a package ready to be submitted.

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@ask4jubad, I was rejected 4 months ago. After my appeal I got 2 rewarded (OC 2 and OC3). I think I was rejected because I didn’t provide a lot of context. I used the appeal to make my application better. My MC was rejected because two of my letter were assumed not to have been product led. I went ahead to get recommendation letter from top CEO now… My open source contribution started from 2020 from github and php classes. Also, I already have stackoverflow before I even considered applying and for the media, it just happened like that… Do you think that could be any issues? I would have waited a little but since they announced the closure, I decided to do my documents again.

Alexandr, thanks. Have you submitted for a review?

Yes, I am aware of the previous situation.

If the concerns were not raised earlier, I don’t think they would now. So, you are good in my opinion. The current MC looks good.

Thank you. @ask4jubad. Apart from the recommendation letters(RL) , should the reference also follow the TN guideline as the RL or it should only be about what I did and impact?

@alex_james In overall, I think you now have a good profile for the promise. However, I have some suggestions to strengthen your OC3:

  • You seem to have a lot of evidence supporting evidence, and you may allocate/release them to add stronger evidence for other OC.
  • Doc 5,6: Don’t use the exact same evidence. They should match the expectation on each criterion.
  • Doc 6: Would you be able to show the impact in terms of the number/metric you contributed so you receive the reward?
  • Doc 10: Try to add the 6 or 12 months’ historical data if possible, not only Feb 2023, which seems to be weak if it is too recent and not consistent.

To answer your questions:

Since there is no public link, you may need a letter or certificate which clearly says that it is a structured program, been a senior mentor along the others (if any), and you were not paid for it.

They have to know your detailed knowledge of your work for 12 months or more.

Stay on where your belief is. The city should not have an impact, as long as your future plan is still valid.

We all know that certificates and awards are not strong evidence, but I suggest you add them briefly in the CV to show the active/consistent records.

I hope this helps


For reference letters, it should be a blend. But it should mostly focus on skills, impact and maybe one paragraph to say why you should be endorsed in my opinion.

yes I am waiting for the feedback

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@alexnk, thanks for the great feedback. Please, I don’t understand this part in your statement

Doc 5,6: Don’t use the exact same evidence. They should match the expectation on each criterion.

Are you saying doc 5 & 6 don’t meet both MC and OC2? What’s the best way to do it?

Sorry, I just try to point out about the usage of evidence per criteria. I was unsure how you would make it no more than 10 docs. How do you plan to use the same evidence for the 2 criteria?

@alexnk, I guess it’s allowed by TN to use 1 document twice?. Since MC and OC2 both have open source and doc5 is mainly Open-Source. I’m using the same doc5 for the two criteria and the same thing goes for doc6. Are you saying it could only be for example (MC: 1,2,3,4,5. OC2: 6,7,8 & OC3: 9,10). Please correct me if I’m wrong.

hmm… Inviting @Francisca_Chiedu or anyone, Would you be able to advise on this concern?

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Yes, you can use the same evidence in different criteria.

Several endorsed applicants have done so. The important thing is to ensure that the evidence answers the criteria.


Yes you can use same evidence in multiple criteria, however, I would avoid using the same evidence if I have other alternatives. Best to have a diverse pull of evidence.


Not only open source but any Talk/Speaking can also be used in both MC and OC2

btw have you submited appilcation now Alex?

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@Alexandr, I will do that on Friday. Just going through all my documents again

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