Years to get citizenship


After how many years can a Global Talent Visa holder (exceptional leader) get citizenship if getting it outside the UK (time spent in the UK starts from the time receiving the visa)?

I know for exceptional leaders, it’s 3 years to ILR, but is it 4 years to citizenship or 5 or 6?

Also, what about dependents on this visa?


5 years of continuous residence, or 1 year after ILR, whichever is LATER is mandatory for citizenship. Even if you get ILR in 3, you still have to do 2 more years of continuous residence to qualify for citizenship.

As for dependents, they get to ILR in 5 and citizenship in 6 years. However, I have been told that you can change the sequence of events and possibly expedite matters for your dependants. At the end of 5th year, you can do the following:

  • Apply for your citizenship and get that first
  • Then apply for spouse ILR. Since spouse will get ILR while married to citizen, then immediately qualify for citizenship. So then you can apply for their citizenship. Child can apply at the same time.

(this is just hearsay - I haven’t gone through the immigration rules to confirm if this is possible or not)


Thank you. It seems logical

Please can you explain what ILR is

Indefinite leave to Remain.

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@Amycruz - Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) is the UK equivalent of “Permanent Residence” or “Green Card”. Essentially, it allows you to stay in the UK without a visa, or needing to be in employment or studies. It is also an essential step towards citizenship.

Does that help?


yes it helps. Thanks

Hi @vzaidman

Did you apply for citizenship? If so have you waited 5 years or 4. (assuming you got ILR after 3 years)

I’m here for 2 years already. Got 1 more year for ILR :slight_smile:

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Amazing 1 year will pass just like that