Worldpay Transactio Charges

Hi everyone,

Please, kindly help with the transaction charges Worldpay debits from debit card payment.

Can you elaborate your exact issue that you need help again?

Hi Alexnk,

Thanks for reaching out.

Actually, I was trying to make payment for my endorsement application but I’m getting insufficient fund from Worldpay. Meanwhile, my balance when the £456 gets debited should have £20 left in it. I believe the 20quid should offset any charges.

Since we don’t have information about your foreign exchange rate, fee, or any available/deductible cash in your account, so I do not think I can comment on the insufficient fund issue.

But have you tried to put more money in your account? Or change to another card, perhaps?

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The fees are charged in dollars, it actually cost more than 20 pounds extra. I think it depends on the daily exchange rate

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@alexnk I’m in the process of doing this now. Thanks for your help.