Working in UK remotely

Hey All,

I am planning to arrive in the UK by June or July 2022 but starting to look at jobs remotely. There is an option for a transfer from my company but I am keeping my backup plans as well.

So if my vignette starts from May 2022, am I eligible to work from that date or can I set my starting date of work only after arriving at the UK? I was wondering if I can start my job remotely and land there before vignette expires - say by July 2022?


I am not sure if it is safe. You could break some rules of which we are not aware.

For example, according to the rules, after you start working in the UK, you must apply for a National Insurance number immediately. But you can apply for NINo only from within the UK.

I believe the vignette is just a single-entry border pass permit. So, technically you don’t have the right to work unless you have a residence permit (BRP card).

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Oh ok @Savvkin. Thanks for the clarification. So I will commit the job start date after my actual date of arrival.

I think you can start working remotely. Your NI can come later.