Working in Tech Role For Non-tech Companies

I wanted to know whether working for companies whose main profit driver is not selling digital products qualify for applying for the visa? This may include companies involved in selling of energy (Shell, BP etc.), Telecom Services (Orange,Virgin etc.), Automobiles, Financial products (JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley) and many more. Many of these companies hire tech professionals to make digital products for their own internal use or to interact with their customers.

The predicament I am in is that I am a data professional and have extensive experience in making data products for energy companies to be used internally. This may include making their data warehouse or lakehouse which feed into dashboards or ML models, but since my experience counts as working for companies which sell energy as their main profit driver, I would not come under as working for a ‘product-led digital technology company’ .

I have not worked through consulting agencies either, but worked as a full-time employee. Does anybody here has similar experience to mine as working for non-tech companies and getting successfully endorsed? Or is it still a risk to apply? Would appreciate the feedback from any successful applicant.

It depends what you were doing, if you made a product like the automobile software itself, it would count. Or software used by telecoms

Hey… I am working in my application
But I have read others stories similar. If you read carefully the guide I think you apply because data is part of digital technology field. I encourage you to try and read other similar stories here. For example, online news count and in my opinion is not at all a product led company, but I guess because data is their main income it applies. Everything Depends how you tell the story, I think. Tag people in the product area to give more advices!
Good luck!