Working For A Social Media Database Company

Hello guys,

I am based in Nigeria and I work remotely as a data scientist for a social media database company based in the Netherlands. The company has a huge database of target audiences on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook for which they have built a bespoke software through which clients can interface with their database and purchase target audiences for their social media campaigns. I have worked on NLP projects, data analytics, machine learning, and developed algorithms for the automation of computations. I want to apply for the Exceptional Promise route. Do you think I stand a good chance with that route? I have less than 5 years in my career as a data scientist.

Hello Ifeanyi.

According to The Guide, experienced data scientists/data engineers are on the list of typical applicants, so generally, yes, you are eligible.

What documents do you plan to demonstrate to satisfy Mandatory Criteria (Leadership), and which two Optional Criteria do you plan to choose?

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Please what could constitute leadership, and what evidences do you think I could show?

You are the one who knows your story best.

Please refer to the Tech Nation Visa Guide. It has a detailed description of Mandatory and Optional criteria and some evidence examples.


Thanks for your reply Savvkin. Please I have another concern after reading the Documents and Evidences part of the Tech Nation website. They require me to submit 3 letters of recommendation from 3 individuals working in tech organisations, who know me personally and also know about my visa application. The problem is, I don’t have such external connections or relationships. I only have the people I work with, whom I communicate with over Slack. Sorry to bother you, but I don’t know if you have any advice or opinion regarding this. Thanks!

Ifeanyi, if they are

  • senior members of their organisation (CxO/Manager/Teamlead),
  • has a strong media presence (You can Google them),
  • leaders themself (e.g. can potentially eligible for a GT visa),
  • know your work well.

Then they are good recommenders (even if they are your ex-colleagues). Tech Nation experts will assess your application overall, not solely by formal criteria. As said in Tech Nation Guide:

You should note that this is not determined solely by the eligibility criteria, Tech Nation’s independent panel of assessors will determine whether, overall, they consider that the applicant should be endorsed and for which route. It is at Tech Nation’s discretion to assess each application on its own merits and make a recommendation for or against endorsement.

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