Work in fashion E-commerce in a well known Retail company - is it suitable for global talent?

Hi guys,

I’ve been reading a lot about the first steps for getting the global talent visa. I understand most of the requirements and I’ve read many cases on this forum and on other sources but i haven’t seen any example similar to my experience and I’d love to read your thoughts:

I studied business administration and have 5 years of experience working as an eCommerce Manager for multinational fashion brands.
I’ve been part of the e-commerce development (including all aspects of it) in the companies i’ve worked for. My main responsibilities have been being be the owner of P&L for the entire online channel, platform requirements and manage the roadmap of developments, POC with our technology 3rd parties, lead commercial teams, business analyst, digital and site specialists achieving significant growth which I can prove I’m accountable for.

I’ve also been in important ecommerce conferences in my country as a speaker (invited by the organisations leading such conferences) and have references and evidence to prove this and the other points I mentioned.

What do you think? Do you know some people with a similar profile who have got endorsed?

Thanks in advance!

Out of curiosity what is a business engineer?

Hi @makeitfly! Sorry it was my bad translation haha

I studied Business Administration.


your application is unique to you, don’t worry if someone else has a similar profile. Focus on your story, your impat and the evidence you have to meet the eligibility criteria.

Ah no worries at all.
Based on what you have written you then fall into business category and have good chance. Please read the guide and seek specific help during the process.

Thank you guys!
I’ll start gathering all I need and just keep reading more experiences from you all!

@Francisca_Chiedu @makeitfly

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Hi! any update? Have a friend with similar profile and question of eligibility, wonder if you can shed some light, thank you!

Hello Eli,

I just came across your thread and hope you got your endorsement. I am in a similar right now, the only difference being that I run my own ecommerce store (for jewellery) rather than working for other high end brands. I do everything myself and have been able to generate revenue as well. I was wondering if I am eligible to apply since I am not selling digital goods. Would love to hear your story!

Hi @Eli

Are you able to update if you ever opted for the endorsement and was it approved? I’m in the same situation and was hoping to get some advice ! :slight_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi ! I was wondering if your friend ever went for it? Hoping to get some advice @GTVCH