Why you have chosen to apply for the specific pathway of 'Exceptional Talent'

Briefly explain why you have chosen to apply for the specific pathway of "Exceptional Talent.
I read an existing answer to that, but my question is different here.

I already explained and highlighted all of that in my personal statement (within 1,000) words, and I’m finding duplication of the content to rephrase the same from the personal statement in the “why” field.

I’m not asking you to help me with copy, but with a strategy and a direction. I did spend a great deal of time writing a very comprehensive personal statement, covering every angle. I wasn’t expecting a separate “why” field. Please advise me.

Where did you see this question?

It was recently added to the tech nation application form. You now have to explain why you have chosen talent or promise in your selected field.

Ah okay, thanks. Had no clue.

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I would explicitly answer the question in regards to Talent vs Promise in digital technology. Keep it brief as to the WHY you are a competitive candidate as opposed to a future plan-related Statement of Purpose.