Whitepaper needs to be peer reviewed or not?

I have written 2 whitepapers related to the 2 of the tech domains I have worked in based on my own research, findings and ideas.

My question is: does the whitepaper need to be peer reviewed in any way? Or necessarily be published on certain platforms?

Thank you!

Are you referring to Optional Criteria 4?

If it is, then… Academic research must be endorsed by a recognised academic expert either through peer review in a recognised publication or endorsement from a leading senior academic who has supervised the individual directly.

Read more at Tech Nation Visa Guide - Tech Nation

I had included a white paper in my application, but it was an internal innovation document of my startup, and it was not peer-reviewed. I had included that in OC1 and focused more on innovation.

It’s a different story if it is in OC4, as @alexnk has highlighted