Where to apply for endorsement Stage 1?

Sorry for a dumb question here. Where should I apply for Stage 1 Endorsement? Trying to use this application form https://visas-immigration.service.gov.uk/product/global-talent-endorsement , but stumbled upon a question : Application criteria

Were you endorsed under exceptional promise or exceptional talent criteria?
You can find this in the endorsement letter sent to you following your successful endorsement application. See guidance on endorsement criteria for further details.

Looks like it’s an application for someone who has already been endorsed? Since it’s asking if I am already endorsed…

Here are the 2 steps

  1. you have to apply and pay for your application by using this HOME OFFICE FORM’s [Global Talent Endorsement application] (https://visas-immigration.service.gov.uk/product/global-talent-endorsement). After you pay the 456GBP fee, you will receive Unique Application Number (UAN) and payment reference number. You will need to use these the applied for the Tech Nation Endorsement in step 2.
  2. Go to [Tech Nation Visa Application - Tech Nation Visa Application ] (https://tech-nation-visa.smapply.io/prog/tech_nation_visa_application/) to submit your evidence, within 15 days after you paid to Home Office in step1.

In the past, step 2 did not exist, you will only need to apply for HOME OFFICE (step1 above) and send the evidence in the email manually to an email address, but it was not structured, easy to generate mistakes, spam email issue, incorrect subject line, word counting, large email attachment limit, missing in the information provided in email manually, and so on. So the Tech Nation form was introduced to structure the evidence to be submitted easily, and replace manual email attachment activities.

Hope it clarifies.

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Thanks for clarification! Actually I was using the correct address from #1
But the question is really confusing…Here it is. I have not got any endorsement yet. What should be the answer?

Can you try from the fresh start and see if this question still exist?

Yes, it is there( I almost have completed the application and am ready to pay.

Cool. If you are certain that is the Stage 1 application seeking the endorsement, go for it.

Best of luck.

I think it’s correct. You can see the address on the top of the page and all the other info including Pay option, so I assume it’s Stage 1. I just don’t get it why it says You were endorsed while it should ask on which criteria you would like to be endorsed…