Where do you plan to stay in the UK (GTV Dependent)


My wife is applying for her dependent visa, and there is a question that says “Where do you plan to stay in the UK?”

We still don’t know since we did not move to the UK, we are planning to move together at the same time, and we really don’t which city we will be staying in since we are still interviewing for jobs and we don’t which job will work

So, what is the best answer for this question? is it mandatory to book an accommodation? but booking an accommodation will be tricky since we still don’t know, we can only book a hotel for the first days

Thank you !

You have to choose a city you are likely to stay as this will determine where you will pick your BRP. I chose a city where we have friends. You can also choose a hotel where you plan to stay during your quarantine period. The BRP will be posted to a post office close to the post code you give in your application.

Thank you !, so booking a hotel / airbnb will satisfy this requirement ?

Yes. It should suffice.

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can the booking date be different when compared to the date of arrival, will cause an issue?

i am not sure i understand your question. I have explained why i think they ask for your address. They don’t ask for your booking date, just an address.

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Should we actually book a hotel and submit the booking confirmation or is just writing down the name and address of the hotel sufficient?

I believe writing the name and address of the hotel is sufficient.

You are thinking about the standard visiting visa process where the assessors need to determine if you are planning to return to your home country. This question in this case is being asked primarily to help Home Office determine which Post Office your BRP should be sent to.

I hope this helps?

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@badesemowo: Thanks for the answer.

For the question “Do you know where you will be staying in the UK?”, should we choose “Yes” and put the name and address of the hotel, or should we choose “No” then put the details, e.g., We will be staying in the hotel (name and address) in, say, London, whilst we find a flat in London. Would “Yes” or “No” matter here?

I don’t think it should matter but I don’t know for a fact either way.

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I don’t think it should matter but I don’t know for a fact either way.

Yeah. I answered “No”, and got the visa.