What's your opinion on this profile (Exceptional Talent)?

Hi Everyone and thank you for the good work you do here. I plan to submit my application for the second time next month as an immigration firm messed up my first application last year. I’ll be very grateful for any constructive criticisms, comments, views, etc. Here’s what it looks like

Me: Cybersecurity professional with 7 years of experience. I have the top two certs required to be a leader in this field. Currently working with a fintech based in UK and Nigeria as the cybersecurity lead and first hire in that department. Given talks, written blogs, appeared on national tv once and contributed to community initiatives.

LOR1 - Multiple time tech cofounder. Currently a founder of an AI company (US based) that democratizes AI for organizations and individuals.
LOR2 - Cofounder of a fintech in Nigeria- (UK based) that is painlessly solving the financial inclusion problem in the region
LOR3 - Chief Information Security Officer of a fintech in Canada. Phd, a leader in the field with track record.

Mandatory evidence 1 - documentation of a penetration test I conducted on our fintech apps and APIs before they were launched to various app stores. I highlighted the vulnerabilities I discovered that could could lead to fraud and compromise and discussed how I spoke with engineers to fix them

Mandatory evidence 2 - Letter of support from my CTO discussing the impact and importance of my work carrying out a penetration test on both apps.

Mandatory evidence 3 - I published an article in a professional magazine. The magazine is run by ISC2 (the largest or one of the largest cybersecurity organization in the world). I shared screenshots of the magazine, proof that I was the author, snips of communication with the media team and a link to the issue.

OC2 (1) - I spoke on national TV about cyber threats surrounding artificial intelligence, i was also invited to a panel session by a business school in south africa. I added screenshots and links of the YouTube videos for both events including viewership. I also spoke twice in the ISC2 Nigerian chapter event/webinar. I added screenshots of the flyer for this alone with my picture and portfolio on it. I was also invited to a panel talk by a leading law firm to discuss the cybersecurity impact of data privacy. I added screenshots of the flyer, myself speaking at the event and other industry leaders from google, financial institutions and co.

OC2(2) - I added a letter of support from the president of ISC2 Nigeria chapter and he spoke about the impact and importance of the talks i gave at the events in OC2.

OC2(3) - I contributed to the development of the 2023 devsecops maturity model championed by devsecops guide, a hadess cybersecurity initiative. I added screenshots of the model, my name as a contributor alongside other industry experts, and the linkedin post announcing the publishing of the project. I also added screenshots of blogs i wrote for a non profit in the US and discussed the impact. I also added screenshot of my blog and discussed the impact of the topics there and how they advance the sector. Viewership information was added as well.

OC2 (4) - I added a letter of support from the president/owner of the devsecops guides project talking about the importance and impact of my work in OC2(3).

OC3 (1) - I added snips of the cloud security assessment I conducted on the digital platform that hosts our apps. I showed screenshots of vulnerabilities that I found that could lead to a compromise of the platform and shutdown of the company if steps weren’t taken to remediate them in time. I also added proof that some of these vulnerabilities were already closed.

OC3 (2) - I added a letter of support from the head of engineering in my company describing the impact and importance of my work.

OC3 (3) - I command a high salary and added screenshot of my contract, payslips over 8 months and a local comparison.

Thank you once again!

Nice profile Charles.

It is important that your recommenders speak strongly about your work and the impact you have demonstrated. The strength of their profile must also match the strength of their recommendation.

Would penetration test be a proof of how someone is innovative in the cybersecurity field? I am asking cos I am not very familiar with it. If so, you have to highlight how big and significant the problem was and the impact of your test.

Also, would you consider your CTO as possessing the profile of a Global Talent himself. If so, he has to provide a strong background to who he/she is before talking about your impact and importance of your work. Ditto your head of engineering, owner of devescope etc.

For your article, you need to provide more context. What’s the readership and how widely does this magazine go in reach?

Overall, I think you need more evidences for your MC. What kind of apps is your organization building? How novel is the product? How big is the problem it solves? What kind of traction has it gained? What is your role in all of this, and how clearly can you connect your contribution to the impact, revenue and traction of these apps?

Was your speaking at the business school in SA a physical or virtual one? Is there any mention of you being a leader in the cybersecurity field in Nigeria by the ISC beyond the talks about the importance of your talk?

I am sure you’re applying as an ET, and the expectations are much higher. Hence, the goal has to be for you to demonstrate that you are the best in your field and will be the best thing to happen to the UK cybersecurity space (if you know what i mean).

Overall, I believe you stand a good chance at this and wish you the best.

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