What's the validity / expiry date for GT dependent visa?


My wife is currently on PBS Dependent Visa [dependent on my Skilled Worker visa].

Her PBS Dep Visa [on my SW] BRP expires on Dec’ 24. She would have completed 2.5 years as a dependent in UK by Dec’24.

So she would have to switch her PBS Dep visa from SW to GT in Dec '24 for another 3 years.


Would it make sense for us to switch her PBS Dep visa from SW to GT right now in Dec '22? Can we get her BRP valid for 5 years? i.e. can her BRP validity be something like Dec '27?

What’s the max validity on BRP that one can apply for, as a dependent?

All BRP currently ends on the 31st of December 2024. since she already spent 2.5 years I don’t think she needs 5years validity.

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Thanks. I didn’t know all BRPs end on same date. Read more on Why Does My BRP Expire on 31 December 2024? - Richmond Chambers

Hopefully as planned, function of BRPs is obviated post 2024 thanks to digitization. :crossed_fingers:t4:

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