What is the Review for Fragomen

Hi Team,

I have approached Fragomen, to assist with the application process. I wanted to know how are they and their success rate with anyone in the group.

I have been in SaaS for the last 6 years and being in product role for the last 4+ years. I have letter of recommendation from two CEO’s and one Engineering Manager. All the places I worked with were early stage startups.

Your application is not dependent on the success rate of Fragomen. I think you need to first ask yourself if you meet the requirement and have evidence to show you meet the criteria. A consultant, in this case Fragomen should be able to advise you the likelihood of your application getting endorsed based on your evidence and recommendations.

I don’t think there will be too many Fragomen applicants in this forum. I believe vast majority of the applicants here are self-serve. So, don’t hold your breath. I agree with @Francisca_Chiedu - your application is most likely based on its own merits.