What is OC1 and OC2 and OC3 ..sorry for a noob question

Can anyone please explain what is OC1 and OC2 and OC3.

I understand that I will need 3 recommendation letters.

Other than that only OC2 will be sufficient ?

I couldnt understand the Technatio Guide hence asking here.

Hi Jennifer, could you please share in what context you saw OC1, OC2 and OC3? From my gut feel, OC probably stands for Optional Criteria that you need to choose from. Please share a sentence or ideally a link to where in the Tech Nation Guide does is it mentioned.

Yes Yes …thank you for your reply.

I read it on the TN guide.

Appreciated :slight_smile:

BTW do you know how does TN verify if I belong to a certain company or not ?

I think that’s where reference letters come in. Someone essentially confirms that you currently work for a company or have worked for a company / project in the past.

Make sure to link it all together well and make it easy for the board to evaluate your application. Follow a principal of Statement → Justification → Evidence in your personal statement and else where. Example: “I have done X” (Statement) → “It matters because of Y” (Justification) → “As you can see in the letter from Z” (Evidence).

Hope that helps

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Thank you, as it was a big help.

Just out of curiosity…have you been endorsed Herman ?

Yes, I have been about five years ago. I am one of the TN Visa Ambassadors that are always there to help: Become A Tech Nation Visa Ambassador - Tech Nation

Much appreciated Herman and thank you for all your guidance.

Will stay in touch :slight_smile: