What happens if my current tier 4 visa expires before I receive the endorsement at stage 1?

I’m planning to apply from within the UK as talent but my visa expires in April. 2 questions:

  1. what happens if my visa expires and I haven’t gotten the endorsement? Can I stay in the country until I get the endorsement?
  2. what happens if I don’t get endorsed and my visa has expired? Can I reapply from the UK? Or do i have to leave the country?
  1. NO
  2. NO
    You have to leave the country.

Thanks Francisca for your quick answer.

However, I just found this in the Gov.uk website (I guess they are saying I can stay in the country while I get the decision?) Anyway, just wanted to include this for other people reading this post :slight_smile:

Apply for the Global Talent visa

You can apply for the Global Talent visa at the same time as you apply for endorsement, or after you have the endorsement confirmed.

If your permission to stay in the UK is about to expire, applying for the visa will extend it until you’ve been given a decision.

If you apply for both at the same time and your endorsement is refused, your visa application will be rejected, but you’ll get the visa application fee back.

Source: https://www.gov.uk/global-talent-digital-technology/apply-for-endorsement

your question is related to getting endorsement from Tech Nation (stage1) which is not same as applying for a visa (stage 2). The shared link is applicable for people who are applying for stage 2. For most visa, you can remain in the UK waiting for a decision on your visa application.

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Super clear, I wasn’t clear about the question. You’re right! Sorry about that

May we agree that in the event of applying to the visa from within the UK at the same time you apply for the endorsement, you can stay in the UK until there’s a decision on the endorsement?

It is tricky to apply for endorsement and visa at the same time especially when your existing visa is running out. I won’t recommend this.