What happens if i leave the uk?


Let’s assume i get the 5 year visa from tech nation. Do i lose it if i move to another country but still enter/exit uk?


Hello Naz,

You don’t lose the visa if you leave the country. However, when applying for ILR (If you want to apply for one) you will have to prove that you were not away more then 180 days within every year of all 5 years in order to qualifty for the ILR.

Hope that helps.


Follow up question: Whan does the timer start for the 180 out of 365 days? Is it when I get the Visa in my home country or when I first enter the UK with that Visa and get it stamped?

@kaushikravi Hello. That starts when you enter the UK.

@kaushikravi bear in mind that you need to enter the UK within 30 days after you have got a vignet in your passport in your home country.