What do reference letters in OC3 need to state?

2 of my evidences in OC3 look like below:

  1. Doc 1 = For Company A, showing proof of product in market + dashboard snapshots of new customers gained, new deals signed, revenue increased, efficiency metrics
  • 1 pg reference letter from Head of Product stating my contribution to these products (this reference letter does NOT contain exact metric numbers but states that I led these products + led to improvements in xyz metrics but WITHOUT stating exact numbers)
  1. Doc 2 = For Company B, showing dashboard snapshots of new customers gained, customer feedback, ROI + trial user signups
  • 1 pg reference letter from Principal ML engineer stating my contribution to these products (this reference letter contains exact metric numbers)

My worry is that in Doc #1 reference letter, is that going to be counted as invalid since the ref. letter doesn’t explicitly mention the numbers related to metric improvements?
Thank you!

Will be very grateful if you could help me with this! @ask4jubad @Francisca_Chiedu @May @alexnk

Hi @cosmic.wilderness are you still looking for help with this?

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Yes I do @pahuja
Please help me out if you can.


  • In the first document - where you share screenshots and metrics: is this self authored? Are you also going to explain here what was your specific significant contribution in this products success?
  • The reference letter without strongly validating impact will be weak, you are right about this. Will this letter strongly stamp your significant role in the product and its impact?
  • You can balance for this in making the other evidences strong but if they also have the same situation then overall it will become weak evidence for this criteria.

Hey @pahuja, thank you for writing back!

  1. In the first doc, the screenshots have been taken from Hubspot & Tableau, the external links are the news release articles published in Yahoo Finance about it, more external evidence include documentations & blogs of the product published on my company’s official blog site. And I have written descriptions around those dashboard screenshots explaining what was the product I built, why was it important and what was the impact. Can you let me know if this counts as “self authoring”? If yes, please let me know how I can make it better.

  2. The above doc is corroborated by the reference letter form the head of Product. They did not include exact metrics i.e. “increased from 40% to 70%” but said statements such as “made significant improvements in X”, “product adopted by majority of users”, “they built the product from ground up” etc.

Let me know about the above. Thank you!