What are the examples of outstanding applied work in OC4

Can someone please clarify- Evidence of awards received for outstanding applied work, supported by excellent academic achievement (a first-class degree or distinction).

I have distinction in MSc Fintech and during the degree, I participated in BCSWomen Lovelace Colloquium and became a finalist for the year 2019 (an annual one-day conference for women in STEM). There’s public evidence of my poster presentation, abstract in the conference book… However, I was not the winner. Can I use this as "Evidence of award received for outstanding applied work along with distinction certificate.? Please reply asap. Thanks in advance.

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I have 0 evidence to support my claim, just a feeling: I would say, yes this qualifies and you should attach that to your profile

Thank you for your reply.

I used OC4 and I also had a distinction in MSc Cybersecurity. I added a published research paper and a reference letter from my programme leader to support this though.

Do you have any other similar academic achievement that you can use to boost this?

For the conference publication, try to have evidence of the impact (e.g. attendance data if possible, criteria for selecting finalists etc.)

Disclaimer: my application has not been endorsed/rejected. This is purely from my understanding of the guide and my own application process.

Thanks. Yes I have added the mentioned info to the conference evidence.

I have book chapters published plus 2 chapters accepted plus one book in pipeline.

Have you used your msc degree certificate as evidence?

In OC4, number 3 criteria…outstanding applied work, distinction is really confusing.

Yes, I did. I explained my exceptional performance in the MSc programme, gave a brief overview of what the programme was about and attached my MSc certificate. I supported this with another evidence which was a reference letter explaining my academic achievements.

I think you should find a way to package your evidence, group relevant ones and explain the achievements/impact for each.

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Thank you. Are you endorsed yet?

Nope. I just applied last week. Still waiting

I wish you the best of luck… I am sure you will get it.


I used this as my mandatory criteria when I applied and received my endorsement . I submitted evidence showing three hackathons I took part in. For the first hackathon I showed pictures of the award ceremony as evidence for my team coming up first. For the second hackathon I showed an article written by the organizing company that mentioned the work we did and the prize money as well. For the third hackathon I showed the award page. I elaborated the importance of each hackathon project in my personal statement. Hope this helps and provides some guidance.

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Thank you. I applied yesterday and used hackathon as mandatory criteria too. I have read what docs you have used,which hv been really helpful for me too. thanks so much