What are edits?

Can someone please confirm what are edits and how does it help the applicant? What is the take away from the edits?
What exactly is done by the assessor in terms or edits? Does it allow the applicant to add/update any new evidence?

In your application, click “preview”, you’ll see something that says ‘Last Edited’. It shows that someone in tech nation was looking at your application. If it is the same time as your ‘submitted’, then no one has looked at it.
While there is no official announcement about what it means, people say that the more edits you get, the more likely it is a rejection. For me, I have seen some people get so many edits and still get accepted, but most people I have seen with so many edits get rejected. It is possible that the data is biased due to the fact that most posts have to do with rejection/appealing. So I may be seeing things where there are none.

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Got it, thanks for the response & sharing insights!