Well-established Organisations Evidence

How referee prove that his company is a well-established organisations, If that company has only local presence in India?

I would say that by “well-established” they assume a level of revenue, number of customers, position in the market, awards and so on

So how can referee prove these things in the Recommendation letter?

May be they don’t need to prove. Company’s Linkedin might be enough to see how big is it and how many employee it has. Searching the company on Google may also reveal their contracts and other info. Company’s website may also reveal their customers and portfolios.

Last time I checked, information of company can be checked online in India as.well! Nowadays, companies do have their websites as well. Referee has to have CV,/LinkedIn profile.etc.
If none of those things are available then I guess it is time to change referee.

My previous post regarding this is that one of CISO is know me and my work but he created his own company in UAE and now working full time for his own company and there is no linkedin profile of that company, only website is live.

Can anybody recommend me to get recommendation letter from this person?