Waiting for the decision - Stage 1

I had applied for the technation visa on 8th February 2021 and am still waiting for a decision from technation (Home Office). I have visa to stay in UK only until the end of March and needed guidance if there is any hope of getting a decision before that timeline as it’s almost 3 weeks now.

8th feb you mean? I guess you can still apply for stage 2 without completing stage 1 but you have to mention that you are awaiting decision for stage 1.

Thanks Zamana. Yes, i meant to refer to 8th February 2021 instead of 8th March 2021. Is the decision from technation expected to take the complete 8 weeks?

The decision takes up to 8 weeks and stage 1 is not an immigration application. While my (personal and not representative) experience tells that most people get the decision within 3-4 weeks, some still would have to wait for 8 weeks (and, on the rare occasion, even more than that). There’s no way to speed up things, neither there’s a way to check your application status until it is decided.

Let’s consider possibilities here:

  1. You get the decision at the end of the 8th week and this one is positive - your visa will be overdue by then; if you still are in the country by then - your stage 2 application is likely to be rejected.
  2. You get the decision at any time and this one is negative - you will have to leave the country by the end of March or risk having a fun time with immigration authorities.
  3. You get the decision before the end of the visa, this one is positive and you manage to apply for stage 2 before your current visa expires. That’s the only case when you will be able to stay and apply for a visa switch within the country, and that is provided that your current visa would allow switching.

I am afraid the only option here is to sit tight, wait for a decision with fingers crossed and be ready to leave the country (at least temporary) by the end of March.

Disclaimer: I don’t work for, neither I represent Tech Nation. I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice.

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Thanks Alex. This is really helpful. Will wait further. Fingers Crossed.

Hi there,

Has anyone received endorsement recently? I applied on February 20th. I know it might take up to 8 weeks but I wonder if there’s anyone who received any response.

Hi @pont87,

I submitted my documents on 7 Feb 2021 and received a response from Home Office on 3 March 2021 that I am endorsed for Talent.

I hope you get a decision soon.

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Congrats Mudita! That’ great and it means we need to be patient a little bit more.