Visa type change

Hi All,
hope you are well. Need guidance with visa time towards ILR.
I am currently on a dependent visa (1 year) and spent 2 years on Skilled worker visa before this. Would the skilled worker time count towards Global Talent Visa.


Hi PM2024
I am not an immigration lawyer, but as far as I understand, if you were earlier on your own visa (i.e on a Skilled worker visa), and now you are on a GTV dependent visa - then two conditions need to be met for you to qualify for your ILR.
First the main GTV holder needs to get an ILR and second the dependent partners of Global Talent must complete a 5-year qualifying period before they qualify for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).
The guidelines say that you should have lived in the UK with the GTV holder as their dependant for at least 5 continuous years - NOT sure if the time spent on your own Skilled worker visa counts for this period - suggest you get an immigration lawyers opinion on this.

I don’t understand your question. Are you currently on global talent dependent visa or planning to apply for global talent and asking to f your current time as a dependant and two years bon skilled worker will count towards ILR. If you get a global talent visa now, the 3 years spent on the other visa may count towards your ILR but if you are dependent you still need to spend five years or more depending on when the main applicant qualifies.