VISA Extension under global talent scheme refused

Hi, I am a tier 1 visa holder and wanted to extend my VISA for another 5 years as my initial visa was for 3 years only. I applied for extension under global talent scheme now as tier 1 is no longer valid. After submitting all my docs my visa renewal got refused and they stated a reason that my endorsement letter is old and aI have applied for this application after three months from the time of being endorsed.
Now all the old people having tier 1 visa will have old endorsement only as there is no way to get new endorsement letter or to prove that technation has revoked your endorsement.
I am feeling very shame that there is no co-ordination between technation and home office, Being our endorsing body tech nation should support us and there should be a provision made through which we can get our latest status of the endorsement letter.

Hello Ritesh,

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and what I write below is not legal advice. I also don’t work for the Tech Nation and do not represent the Tech Nation.

I am very sorry to hear that you’re coming through this kind of experience - I know it may be extremely stressful and frustrating.

I obviously did not see your application, but I think you may have accidentally used the wrong form for your application (i.e. switching instead of extension). The reason why I think so - in an extension application form you would not usually have to provide an endorsement letter at all (Home Office would know from the Tech Nation if your endorsement was revoked).

The other possibility is that your application was refused by mistake.

If you have been endorsed as an Exceptional Talent you may be eligible for ILR application after 3 years of lawful residence in the UK.

In any case, I would suggest you speak with an immigration lawyer as soon as you possibly can - should your visa expire, you will have to leave the country.


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I support the message from Alex. You should speak with an immigration lawyer as it is quite likely that a mistake from either side has been made. You should not be a subject for “re-endorsement” when you apply for a visa extension.

Please let us know here if there is anything else we can help with and please send me directly your email so that we can invite you to the Tech Nation Visa Slack group since you are an Alumni member.

You can also join our Slack group by submitting the official form


Hi Alex , there is no form for extension available now , the only way to apply for extension is to switch to global talent visa. it was clearly mentioned that i need to submit passport, brp and endorsement letter.

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Hello @Ritesh_Tiwari - I believe you got confused by switching/extension terminology. Instead of switching to Global Talent visa you should have applied for an extension of Global Talent visa (Global Talent is essentially a different name for Exceptional Talent visa, not new visa type)
Please see more details here:

The required document for such application are:

  • BRP
  • Passport
  • Police registration certificate, if applicable
  • Proof that you’ve earned money in the UK in your area of expertise (which is Digital Technology, in your case)

No endorsement letter is required

Hi Alex and all,

I have business person work visa almost for 8 months and I want to switch to GTV. My visa type is not in the allowed list “switching” but as far as I understood I can apply. My police registration appointment is addressed for September 2022. Do I have to wait for it? Many thanks in advance

Hi Derya,

I would suggest discussing this with the Immigration adviser or lawyer

I sent an email to Home Office a few days ago and waiting for the answer. Many thanks Alex


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