Visa application

Hi all
I submitted for a visa since up to 1 month and have not heard anything yet? I am worried because I already have a dependent visa for four years, and I paid the IHS for the four years; in the Pay section on this visa asked me if I had already paid IHS and, if so, to submit a number of Ihs and I did base on my current visa . Was what I did was right ? Or do I have to pay again for health insurance?

@luma_ahmed although I had an ongoing visa, I paid for the IHS for the new visa application. I don’t think you can attach an IHS number of another visa to your GTV application and I saw many examples of people in this forum paying the IHS fees again for the GTV application and then ask if they can get refunded.

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How can I solve this problem? I have not got the decision and am worried may be when they send the decision the endorsement will be explaired and can’t apply again

I am afraid I don’t have an idea how you can solve this but I would recommend you try to contact the home office.