Validity of dependents stay in the UK

Hello everyone, I received my endorsement/visa last year and am currently in the process of applying for a dependent visa. I have a couple of questions regarding the dependent visa:

  1. Is it possible for me to specify the duration of stay for my dependents in the application?
  2. Do my dependents need to stay for the same duration as me? I am on a 5-year visa and would like to apply for a 2-year visa for both of my dependents. What is the process for doing so?

Really appreciate your help in advance.
thank you.

In the past you could do that but I know some who applied for 5 years and the dependants applied for two years, home office wrote them asking to pay additional IHS fee so that they can all get the same number of years. So you can either do 2 years for all applicants or pay 5 years

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Thank you for your quick response, @Francisca_Chiedu. I am currently holding a 5-year visa, and upon completing the required details on the IHS website, I have observed that there is no option to specify the duration for my dependent’s visa. The website only displays the 5-year IHS fee, indicating that it may not be possible to apply for a shorter duration for the dependent visa. It appears that all dependents will be on the same duration as the primary applicant. Thank you for your assistance.

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Yes, this is the case.

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