UX/UI/Product Designer Application Review and Feedback. Can you help?

Hello, everyone. I’ve been working on putting together my evidence for GTV to apply for Exceptional Promise. Could you please help me review this?

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Mandatory Criteria

Recommendation Letters

Founder and CEO:

  • This letter highlights my significant contributions to the company’s success, underscoring my leadership and innovation in UX/UI design. It explains my role in driving key projects and overall impact on the company’s growth, including the successful website redesign.


  • The CTO’s letter emphasizes my technical expertise and the value I have brought to our product development efforts. It illustrates my ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams to deliver high-quality digital solutions, mentioning the success of my design for the company’s website.

Senior Engineer:

  • This letter details my involvement in critical design projects, showcasing my skills in problem-solving and innovation. It validates my technical contributions and the respect I have earned from my peers, highlighting a technical contribution that will be expanded in another piece of evidence.

Mandatory Evidence

Bonus Document:

  • The stock options bonus document is proof of the recognition I received for my exceptional contributions and talent within the company. It demonstrates that my work has been valued at a high level, supporting my claim for the Global Talent Visa.

Employment Contract and High compensation in my country

  • My employment contract details my role, responsibilities, and compensation, showing industry standards in Glassdoor, etc

Case-Study Design Project:

  • This document highlights a specific design project where my contributions were crucial to its success. It demonstrates my problem-solving and innovative capabilities and provides a tangible example of my work and its impact on the company.

Website Success Evidence:

  • These metrics and testimonials showcase the successful outcomes of the projects I have led, reflecting my ability to drive significant results. They serve as quantitative evidence of my contributions to the company’s growth and customer satisfaction.

Optional Criteria 2 (OC2): Recognized Work Beyond Occupation

Digital UX/UI Influencer’s Letter:

  • This letter details my volunteer work and contributions to a design community project, showing my dedication to advancing the design community. It highlights my role in fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among designers.

Community Engagement Screenshots:

  • The screenshots from Dribbble and Figma show my active participation in sharing inspiration design and open source files and the positive feedback I receive from the design community. They provide evidence of my influence and the respect I have earned outside my immediate occupation.

Famous Brand Designer and Influencer’s Letter:

  • This letter underscores my contributions to a premium visual asset e-commerce page on dribble social media, showcasing how I have inspired other designers from user engagements and how I have attracted clients for some freelance work

Optional Criteria 3 (OC3): Significant Contributions

CSM Manager’s Letter:

  • This letter provides detailed insights into my role in the company’s client growth over the time I’ve been working there, highlighting my strategic contributions. It serves as evidence of my ability to drive significant business results.

Client Growth Metrics:

  • The metric screenshot visualizes the continuous growth surpassing our highest customer number mark in Hubspot, demonstrating the impact of my work as the sole UX/UI Designer at the company.
  • I include a screenshot of the Figma workspace showing all the pages I’ve been responsible for designing and a screenshot of my Task management software showing tasks assigned to me and their completion status.

For your Mc2 Employment contract ….uou can name it high salary instead, then show your employment contract with your salary showing on it, compare what you to what UX designers earn on Glassdoor in your country.

if you’re earning in dollars also convert it to pounds adding the rate as at today. E.g $3000 / E2500/ N4,000,000 ($ = 1400)

Then if an average UX designer earns N350k you convert it to pounds too to show them that it’s really low

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For your OC2 04

Client Work Screenshots

This might not work. They want to see your community engagement aside your day to day role …. You can’t say you’re working with clients on a product ….you need to have contributed as a mentor or speaking at an event etc

Remember OC2 is strictly for communities
OC1 is for innovation and,
OC3 is for companies

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Your OC3 is not strong enough

I’ll say for all the 3 companies you got recommendations from yeah … why not write an evidence for each company stating your impact, your revenue, your employment letter, sales, and Figma screenshots

Do this for 3 companies

Then your
OC3-03 is complete

(Also if you write metrics in your evidence your referee has to validate it in the reference letter both of you have to be saying the same thing

For example, if your increased user engagement by 20x your degree has to say the same thing if you’re getting a recommendation from him

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I’ve done my edit, and now we have a new update on the main post. Thank you