Use of a letter headed or Logo

Hi @Francisca_Chiedu pls what is the implication if any of the 3 recommendations or reference letters don’t have a logo or a letter headed paper.

  • Include a telephone number and email address, and the organisation’s logo and registered address, if applicable


You should try to get the org logo & registered address. If not, you can always submit without it. I got the letterhead for my application so I don’t know the exact implications of this. But I’m sure someone else in this group would have submitted without the logo / letter head paper.

Thank you @Chaitanya_Bapat. I have two people refusing to use their company letter head or logo, because they said it implies that it is the company that is recommending me and not the individual. I would really like to know if there are people who have been endorsed without a letter head or a logo before I proceed.

Look for other recommenders wiling to help you meet the requirement