URGENT : [OC3] Can I combine multiple evidences of the same project into one?

I have multiple evidences for an elaborate data engineering project. It’s technically, one large project.

I’ve got GitHub screenshots (because it’s a private repository), documentations, screenshots of Technical Tools U.I, screenshot of internal communication.

Would it make sense to stitch them up into a document and submit as one evidence or separate them and submit as separate evidences for Optional criteria 3.

Thanks for your prompt response.

I’m no expert but I merged mine into a single evidence file.
Seems logical to me, you are preparing your case and what you consider an evidence goes, so it’s better to unite what you can to free up more room for further evidence.

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Thanks for the response, @Ido_Moshe.

I thought about that, but that’ll be one solid document as evidence…as it encompasses both code and documentation.

Yes you can but I think it makes sense to do it for related documents. I think it is a general recommendation to compile all the relevant things together and try useing all 10x3 pages as much as you can.

Thanks @vudu.

So if i did that, there’s a possibility that all my evidences for OC3 can be wrapped in a single document as it’s all related, with the write-up building a narrative around them.

So eventually, with this approach, I will be submitting just one evidence for this.

So I’m in between choosing to submit one document with all the evidences enclosed or splitting the evidences into two and submitting two documents.

I would try to find more evidences. OC3 is I think the easiest to collect evidence for. Maybe try to add another projects or maybe you can request referrals from people. If you are applying for the exceptional promise it could be harder but still I would try. If you can’t find more evidences I think it would make more sense to submit them as separate evicences.