URGENT Letter head of recommendation letter

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I have an urgent question about letterhead or logo on the recommendation letter. Hope someone can help me. Is it a MUST to have letterhead? Due to the person who is writing the letter for me working in a big company, the legal department of the company refuses to put the letterhead and logo. Would it be fine to have one recommendation letter WITHOUT letterhead but two are WITH letterhead? (the letter contains registered company email and address). Thanks in advance.

Yes, you can.

since the other two recommendation letters have letterhead and logo, you can make use of the recommendation letter without the letterhead but other details should include in the letter. I hope this helps

Thanks a lot. It’s very helpful! I’m more relief now.

this is risky though. best to look for another recommender.

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I would suggest using this letter as reference letter only as part of the 10 evidences and find another person to write a third recommendation letter providing all the information requested in the guide.

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Thanks for advise. I’ll try to look for another recommender.

Thanks for reply. I try to see if there is other recommender willing to write for me with letterhead.

Can you send me letter you are referring to?