Urgent: help needed ! How to pay a single transaction of large amount to IHS?

Hi, I am trying to pay the IHS fee in INR

but, single-time payment all over India is limited to 150k INR per day, how to pay this 300k INR to this site at a time. Can I pay, in every day limited, so that I can sum up the total amount that I have to pay?


as far as i know, you need to contact your bank for this issue, i am sure they will be able to help you

Good Luck

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Thanks a lot @Maya, i am on it. Appreciate your response here

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Please check transaction limits for your debit card or credit card for international transactions. It may be possible to increase limit depends on bank. Usually credit card have higher limits as per my knowledge.

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Thanks a lot @Riyaj_shaikh, Yes you are 100% right, I am checking with my bank for this transaction. I have got the higher limit!!

@Tamil_Selvan On a separate topic, will it be possible to let me know how the Stage 2 application works? You just pay and book your BRP, is that it?
(I am waiting to apply for Stage 2 and hence, asking in advance to be sure I am doing the right thing).

@somdipdey, Yes stage 2 is nothing but you have to fill some basic things about you and pay the IHS fee and vis fee. Once you do that, you will be redirected to the VFS global site to select an appointment date to provide biometrics. I have submitted only the endorsement letter email ,TB test report and passport. That’s it and wait for 3-4 weeks to get a visa stamp.
When you are applying for visa itself, it will ask where you are going to land/stay. so that you can collect your BRB in the nearest office. In 10 days of reaching UK, you can go and collect the BRP from there.


@Tamil_Selvan Did you submit the print out of the endorsement letter email from home.office.atlas@notifications.service.gov.uk?

I have uploaded the email print pdf to VFS global and TB report PDF. That all as per the gov.uk site document checklist


Hello Tamil Selvan. I am also applying for tire 2 work visa and I just had exactly the same problem… how did you make it and did you change the limit with debit or credit card? Thanks.

basically, one my friend had 4Lack card limit and I used it man. Or you can ask the bank to increase the limit, sometime they may ask you to order a new type of card for a higher limit.

Thanks bro. I couldn’t make the transaction with SBI cards or any Indian debit card. I used an international bank. This is so problematic…I don’t know how they have such a dumb system. Anyway thanks for getting back to me.

Have you heard of wise.com? They make it relatively easy to transfer money internationally across many currencies. You could fund a GBP account every day until you get to the necessary amount, and then do one payment to the UK from that account.

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