Urgent help needed - BRP not available in the post office


Me and my wife are currently in the UK and went to the post office to collect our BRP, but the PO said they don’t have it and it was probably sent back. Did anyone else here face this issue? Any suggestions on what to do next? We are here for 10 days before we head back to the US.

Thank you!

I think it takes a while, when i was in the UK, it was supposed to come within 15 days of me landing in UK, but it took almost 1.5 months.

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Oh ok. Thank you. Would you be able to share your timeline? Trying to see if it matters if our approval was from earlier? I.e. approval in december, vignette validity from mar 15 - jun 15th?

Update on this - I reached out to home office via their online form for missing BRP, and they got back saying that due to a technical issue, our BRPs were created & sent much earlier and were sent back by the post office after 60 days. They asked us for our current address in the UK along with other proofs like stamped vignette in the passport etc. They said they have reissued it to the new address and it will be delivered here within the next 10 days. Hopefully we can get it in time, since this is a hotel address.

Posting the resolution here in case anyone else is in the same situation like us.

Update 2 - Finally received BRPs today! There was no tracking number given by the HO, but I was able to call TNT and get updates based on the address and name.


thanks for sharing. This is helpful.

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Thank you for sharing. We are in the same situation. How many days did it take? Did they manage to deliver it in 10 days?

Hi @sfat

Yes, it was delivered in about 6 days.

In 3-4 days, you can call TNT customer service and give your details including zip, and they’ll be able to see if they received it, give tracking details and/or if it is out for delivery etc. They’ll only be able to give the details after they receive it, so might take 3-4 days.