Uploading documents before biometrics appointment

Hi everyone,

I have my biometrics appointment for Stage 2 soon.

I need to upload the documents to TLS website before I go there. The only mandatory document written in my checklist is my passport.

I am wondering if I also should upload the endorsement letter to the “other documents” section which is not a mandatory section.

Thank you!

I assume you are doing this from Nigeria. Yes you are to upload:

Your passport
Tuberculosis test.
Endorsement letter
And scanned printed tls form
And the downloaded technation application download

Use the best possible category and if it does not fall into any, use others.

That is what I did and it worked

Thank you.

I applied from Turkey and did not upload most of these documents. Now I am panicked :sweat_smile:

I hope they reach out if anything is missing instead of rejecting my application…


No worries. They will write you to provide more documents. Might delay it a few weeks.

Also, not all countries need to submit TB test.

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Wanted to update here for future similar questions.

The mandatory document in my checklist was only my passport. I only uploaded it and did not face any problems.


Thank you for the information!
Have you applied using the priority service? How long did it take to get the decision and passport back?

Also, have you received some letter saying they received the documents, but it was not straightforward?

We applied from Georgia on the 28th of November with priority service and waiting now.

@Lev_Zabudko I did not use priority service. It was regular service without additional fee.

We applied on 17 November and got the reply on 30 November.

Applied through TLS Istanbul office.

Also did not receive an email about “documents not being straitforward.”

Hope you get a reply soon.

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