Upload passport and BRP


I have questions regarding uploading passport and BRP on the UKVCAS website in the stage 2.

Can anyone guide me which pages of passport needs to be uploaded on the UKVCAS website prior to the appointment? Did you upload all passport pages or only the one with the photograph and other details such as address etc. (this is the last page of passport).

I have Tier2 BRP that needs to be uploaded as well. Do I need to scan and upload both sides of the BRP or just the front?

Any suggestion much appreciated.

Just the relevant pages (first page, last page, any pages with specific notes about you at the time of issuance) should be good enough when going through this process. However, when you arrive at the centre for your BRP, they will take scan of all the pages with a stamping/visa on it. That’s how they did it for me. In fact, that work is the one that takes most time during the appointment.

Yes, Tier2 BRP needs to be uploaded. It was in the list of mandatory documents provided on the website. I did both sides. (It was additional 10 seconds work).

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Very helpful respond by @Shreeniwas_Iyer

Hi @Shreeniwas_Iyer. Is there any reason for scanning the last page of the passport? Is it to show that there is at least one blank page left?

Hey all,
I wonder what is this UKVCAS website. I am at out of UK and gov.uk forwarded me to a site TLSContact.

  • At that site I have scheduled a date to give my biometrics.
  • Also at this tlsContact site, I will upload my documents.

Question 1: Am I doing a mistake or everything is fine?
Question 2: I will upload passport and endorsement letter email before my appointment. Is there anything else that I should upload?

All the best

Indian passports’ last page has content - like my address and my parents name and my spouse name. Hence the last page is basically part of the complete passport data. If your passport is different, then skip it.

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@AT_Turkey looks right to me. It is a relatively simple process…

Thank you @Shreeniwas_Iyer