Understanding 10 piece of evidence

Hi, I believe we need to submit 3 recommendation letter and proof for 1 mandatory criteria and 2 optional criteria

So which of the below is correct, can anyone clarify?
1)10 documents include the 3 recommendation letter
2)10 documents are only for proof for 1 mandatory and 2 optional?

Also, one more question, can I submit more than 2 optional criteria? For example,

a) I have been teaching data science
b) I have authored opensource
c) I am running a group for a specialized domain of AI


10 documents in addition to the CV and 3 letters of Recommendation (proof for 1 mandatory and 2 optional).

AFAIK you are allowed to submit evidence for only 2 OCs in the Technation form.

10 documents are only for proof for 1 mandatory and 2 optional?

That’s right. Apart from 10 documents, you have to upload 3 Letters of Recommendation (LoRs), CV and a personal statement. So, a maximum of 15 documents.

can I submit more than 2 optional criteria?

The form itself is quite structured - and you have to tag each document to be under the right criteria and there can be no more than 1 MC and 2 OCs. That said, no one is stopping you from having evidences not-tagged but strengthen your application on a particular optional criteria.

In the end, you have to make a choice on whether you want the evidences to strengthen 2 OCs or use them for (untagged) OCs.


I have mentioned in my personal statement that I have contributed for open-source, have been teaching data science and organizing an online group for data science. So I understand one optional criteria can be teaching. But will it be taken negatively if I only mention that I am doing these things in my personal statement but don’t submit any proof about it to substantiate?

Mentioning it in your personal statement doesn’t is not an evidence that you have done the listed activities.

Exactly, so I am just wondering if either 1) I should remove it from my personal statement or 2) is there any way to add the evidence documents which is not under mandatory and optional criteria to prove it.

You can add it to the closest criteria or just use it to fill up evidence with just a single page or two but add some context to the evidence you are adding. You just never know if the panel may find it useful.

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Got it. I was concerned that whether it will be taken negatively if I add these extra documents which are not in any mandatory or optional criteria but have been mentioned in personal statement

Hello, it is possible to submit 3 different letters of employment for 1 mandatory and 2 optional criteria?