UK talent visa guidance for senior QA engineer with AI experience

Hey guys , i have been reading around for the UK talent visa and i have started to feel that they want only the best of the best people to get in and has led to me questioning if it is even possible for me . I would like to request the opinions of people who have already applied or have immense knowledge on this front to have a look at my case and maybe guide me if you can.

Current standing:
I am currently living in germany and have just finished up my masters degree in web and data science.
Currently living here on a PR.

Back story, i am a senior QA in terms of job role and have 10 years of experience.
I started my career in Indian 10 years back and was working with microsoft as a client . Got some certificates there in my early days of job for knowing the domain and being a great contributions.

I worked in Royal bank of scotland , Barclays in india gathering some fintech experience after microsoft. for a total of 5 years.

Post which i started my studies in germany for master in web and data science.
While studying here i was working full time along with my studies in
Stock market of germany , AMD and a startup where i established the whole QA team and the whole architecture and mentored another QA engineer.

Currently i am working in a company which is having an office in UK and germany with the same role of Senior QA engineer .
P.S. i have recommendation letters from all these companies

With the latest stabalisation of LLM i have incorporated AI in the daily work here reducing the manual efforts and improving productivity of the teams .within 6 months established their whole architecture and moving towards lead position, got trained by them for lead position. Current salary 70k. i think thats above what they are looking for.

My master thesis was around comparing low code and no code tools usage in different industries and how it impacts the growth of the companies.

Keeping all this in mind , i am not sure if i an exceptional in anyway , as i see people having started their own companies and made their own tools applying .but i want to know your opinion.

Also , i would like to know if i should apply for exceptional talent or promise if at all i even fit in any of these categories . As my experience in QA field is for 10 years but, AI field is new and with my recent degree in it and exposure in AI implimentations i could be falling under exceptional promise . would love to know other views.
@Shreeniwas_Iyer and @Francisca_Chiedu i saw that you guys are very active here, i am glas to see people with such immense experience on this platform, would love to know your views also. Not restricting myself , but anyone who wants to share their opinion please do so, i would be highly grateful

After reading a bit more in detail i just realised that my 5 years experience in india was in “Infosys” which was not product led.
But i was working in Microsoft, Barclays and RBS through it. does that count as working in product led?

If not then 4 years of work exp in germany while studying for my masters, does that make me eligible for exceptional promise then?

Also, outside work contributions should not be researches done in the university i am thinking.Or how would that work?

This might be an unconventional question to ask, but if you already have PR in Germany, why are you looking to move to the UK before your German citizenship comes through? If you do so, then you will have far better immigration cover through an EU passport, which will allow you to travel to UK without needing visa.

If indeed you want to immigrate to UK, which is a fine choice, then you can always do so after your German passport comes through, which I presume won’t be too long, since you already have a PR.

the problem is to get a german passport I need to learn german.
To get UK visa I need to do social contributions.
This brings me to the point, where I have to decide which direction to go into.