Types of work allowed if approved - decision email

Hi all,

I have not applied yet, but will do so in the next 3 weeks.
I am applying for exceptional promise under business category.

I called the Home Office to ask this question and they could not give a definitive answer:
If approved, what types of work and roles can I continue to work on?
The Home Office agent said “if successful, you will receive an email from the case worker outlining the exact kinds of work you can do, and the types of work you cannot do”. Can anyone share a redacted version of their acceptance email that details this, please?

ie. I understand I can be self employed or and employee BUT, if my current company that is product-led is sold, or runs out of funding etc. and I have to change jobs…

Can I work in tech business / marketing for events and education? If the company does not make it’s own proprietary tech, does it not count for the types of work I can do?

I am not a dev and it’s been 2 unpredictable years in web3, so in the worst case scenario if I loose my current job, what types of tech companies can I work for?
It seems like consultancy or creative marketing agency is not eligible.
But what about education, or community and events in tech? Can I apply for grants or accelerators?

Thanks for the help!

It is important to understand that you will be eligible to work generally aside as a sports person upon visa approval for global talent. the visa itself does not restrict the type of company you can work for . However, if you will need a visa renewal or apply for your ILR, you will be required to give evidences that you have worked in the tech sector and earned an income either as a director of a company and employee and such companies does not have to be product-led.

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Don’t worry too much about this, you just need to show you have earned money in the field. Your employment contract and payslips should suffice n


Thanks @sodiqotijani & @Francisca_Chiedu

ps. I spoke to someone who was approved for same category as me the other day - they confirmed that the only work that is restricted is as you said (not sports person). Sounds like the GTV also allows full time study and I should be able to apply for grants or accelerators (will cross that bridge when I get to it).

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