Two legal names – Is that an issue?

Hi all,

I have a bit of an untypical case here. I officially have two citizenships and two corresponding passports, and each passport has a different name on it (there’s a personal reason why I chose a different name while obtaining my second citizenship).

So, I have my birth name and my second name.

I am officially employed on my birth name, and that’s also the passport I am going to use for my application.

However, in my professional activities I mainly act under my second name (I use it on my LinkedIn and in my publications).

So questions are:

  1. Would that make my case problematic for TechNation? Or would I just need to submit supporting documentation?

  2. I have my second passport and an official paper confirming my name has been changed in that country. Would that be enough to show that this is one and the same person acting under two names?

  3. Would an official translation of the paper confirming the name change be sufficient, or do I need to notarize it or even obtain an apostile? Or can I just somehow show that my second name is a professional pseudonim?

Thank you!

In the case where it’s different surnames, would recommend including both names at the headings and introduction of your letters.
E.g Firstname (SurnameOld) SurnameNew; OR
Firstname SurnameOld (also SurnameNew)

That way whatever names they search for, they can find something on the web.

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personal statement is the right place to explain this and in your CV since you can go up to 3 pages add images of your two passports. and in the visa application there is a field for also known as to provide any other names used for you.

Disclaimer im not specialised in this matter and i am suggesting what i would do in this situation only.

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I’d advise that you avoid using conflicting names which may distract your assessor from giving your application undivided attention

Since the passports are both valid. I advise you stick to the one whose name cut across in your references, as that is what will be in your evidences.
However if the different names will be popping up in your application. I’d advise you make a context explaining this (only if it’s necessary though)

Get your foot in first (choose your battle at the right time)
Get endorsed first, it’s at stage 2 and beyond that conflict of name may matter. Don’t make that a stumbling block for stage 1(I’m assuming you are applying for stage 1)

In my country, newspaper announcement about change of name with court affidavit to that effect should be sufficient evidence

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