Tuberculosis test

Hello everyone,

I am on stage 2 and I see I need to do Tuberculosis test. However, My nationality is in the list of countries which are required to do the testing but currently I am not in my home country. I am currently working in a Gulf Country and this Gulf country is not listed nor it has any any approved medical center by the UK home office. What should I do now? Should I go my home country only for testing? :frowning:
Also it is clearly mentioned on their website that

Some countries do not have approved testing centres so you’ll need to get tested in a neighbouring country.

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@zamana did you manage to find an answer for that? I would reach out to Home Office to verify that. There might be exceptions at the moment due to the pandemic

@herman.komashko this is what I am thinking to call home office before I go my home country

Update: I did a paid inquiry to the UK Home Office and 1st they responded that I am exempt from doing TB Test since I am living in this Gulf country for more than 2 years. However, when I confirmed again, I did not get a satisfactory response as they sent me the default UK TB Test link from their official website.

Now I am thinking to not take risk and travel to my home country and have the TB Test done there before applying for stage 2.