Tuberculosis test appointment not availability

Hello everyone,

In the process of starting my stage 2 process, I am trying to book an appointment for a tuberculosis test on the official website provided on but the available dates are not coming up. No date available for the next 3 months.

I have tried it many times during the day and at night, but no date is still available. Has anyone faced a similar issue and how did you get the test done on time?

Femi I had some people applying for study visa in lagos facing same issue. You need to send an urgent email to the tb center check their email on their site stating how urgent your case is and attach your endorsement and passport as evidence stating that you need a date immediately as endorsement expires soon

Thanks Legendguru, will send them an email.

Update: The website did not work through the weekend, I tried it on Monday morning and it worked. The closest date I got was 24th of May.

Due to the time constraint, there was a method I used that enabled me to reschedule myself for 28th of April. I just want to be sure it pulls through before I share how I did it.

Seems you have to keep refreshing

Hi @femibiwoye

Congrats on your endorsement. For your TB Test, just do a manual booking by walking into their office at Ikeja. They do have this issue almost every time. Don’t wait for date availability on the website if you don’t want to wait forever.


@femibiwoye @iSlimfit is very correct you have to go to their office and work something out. They attend to a number of people that walk in without booking.

Hi @femibiwoye how are you able to sort out the booking?

I was able to do the TB test yesterday 28 April and I did not directly get the date from their website nor at the office.

It took them about 2 weeks to respond to my email, going to the office did not exactly help either even though I waited for about 6 hours.

You can check Abuja office, they seem to have nearer dates available.

Thank you @femibiwoye

You can fly into Kigali, Rwanda visa free to do your TB test — there’s literally no queue there.